Wine Tour & Hot Air Balloon Ride | Balloons Above the Valley

There are a lot of ways to experience and enjoy Napa Valley wine tours, as well as to get to and around the wine region.

San Francisco is a good jumping board to go to the outskirts of Napa Valley. Napa conveniently sits to the north of San Francisco; it will take a little more than 90 minutes to get to Napa from the Bay City. The usual way to get to and around Napa Valley from San Francisco is by car. You may stop there to visit a winery or two, have a good lunch at any of the restaurants or at a spot for picnics, surrounded by the beautiful bucolic scenery.

Or if you want to leave your car and try to commute to Napa, there are other ways. Take the ferry from the San Francisco Ferry Building to Vallejo, and then from Vallejo board the Vine 10 bus which will take you to downtown Napa, Yountville, St. Helena or Rutherford, depending on your choice.

There’s another option: why not be driven all the way from San Francisco to the Wine Country — even in a luxurious way? The option is to go for Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), where you can enjoy touring in the Napa Valley whether you’re on the ground or above it.

Above it? Yes! BATV will take you up to the morning sky and allow you to have magnificent views of the Napa Valley. Float gently and soar over the rolling hills, the neat rows of vineyards, the clusters of trees (that now look like broccolis), the tiled-roof estates and wineries that dot the fields.

Choose BATV’s “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” for the most suitable option for those who are living or staying in San Francisco and wishing to experience the Wine Country. BATV partners with Napa Valley Wine Country Tours, the latter which provides chauffeured wine tours all the way from San Francisco. Inside the limo bus, enjoy an onboard breakfast with a mimosa. The itinerary includes two winery tours each for Napa and Sonoma, a picnic lunch, and the hot air balloon ride plus a pre-flight breakfast and a post-flight champagne brunch on the next day.

Another option is the “Balloon & Wine Tour Package” which starts with a yummy pre-flight breakfast, then a thrilling hot air balloon ride. To add extra fun, you will get to enjoy a tour of four to six premium wineries. Napa Valley Wine Country Tours, again, will go out of its way and take you and the other guests to the wineries that mostly appeal to you. Not just that, your bellies will be satisfied with a delicious buffet-style picnic at a vineyard.

With Balloons Above the Valley, rest assured that your wine tours won’t just be an ordinary one. Riding a hot air balloon from the first hot air balloon operating company in the Napa Valley is a dream of every adventurous traveler. Or even if you are not adventurous, you will still find yourself in a state of sheer happiness once you’re up in the sky and delight in the uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape during sunrise. BATV ensures to make your Napa Valley wine tours fun, exciting and to leave an indelible mark on your memory.