Napa Valley Vacations to Remember

If you need a good head start on a splendid Napa Valley vacation, here are some ideas you will surely remember. This is what’s in store in Napa Valley the next time you’re heading out to California for your next getaway!

Napa Valley is not just wines, grapes, vineyards, wineries, gentle Mediterranean climate, and beautiful natural sights. There are also places to shop, dine, have fun, get immersed in art and culture, dance the night away, hit the dirt roads to have a rip-roaring adventure, relax and unwind — celebrate life, really. It seems everything you want is all here in Napa!

Napa Valley is just a 90-minute drive away from San Francisco. Two of the must-do things in the Napa Valley are, of course, to drink wine and investigate the process of winemaking. If you intend to hop from winery to winery, remember that the Napa Valley has over 400 wineries! A whole day or even a whole week is not enough time to satisfy your goal of visiting every winery in the region even if you love wines that much.

When there’s wine, of course there’s food. And Napa Valley boasts world-class, cosmopolitan cuisine that gives uncompromising emphasis on the freshest ingredients. The region is a wonderful place to eat and this gives you the opportunity to for food and wine tasting. Juicy, mouthwatering steaks, pristine sushi, authentic Neapolitan pizzas, and rare ahi tuna burgers … every dining experience in Napa is a special kind of culinary adventure. There are also annual food and wine festivals that you really shouldn’t miss especially if you’re into gourmet cooking and dining.

Shopping is also a must-do activity in the Napa Valley. There are several markets, boutiques, specialty shops, premium designer outlets, groceries, food stores … whew! Their offerings are different, exciting, and inexhaustible. So, if you’re a shopping addict, the Napa Valley is your go-to destination!

Feeling adventurous? Rent a bike and hit the trails along the vineyards, or bike along the more challenging hills. Go hiking, do audacious water sports on Lake Berrysea, or go camping. Doing exciting outdoor activities in the Napa Valley is also a great way to connect with nature.

The Napa Valley is sizzling with activity after the dusk hits the horizon. Dancing and dining in Calistoga, or mellowing out to an intimate live performance in downtown Napa, your nights there will surely be lovely, wonderful, and never boring. Visit the art galleries and museums if you’re more of an artsy type or a history buff. Many of the galleries and museums in Napa are award-winning ones! Maybe you want to try painting Napa’s extraordinary landscape one time. It will surely be a unique experience you won’t forget.

Or if you opt to relax at the end of the day after spending many hours visiting wineries, shopping, dining, or hitting the hiking trails, try Napa’s spas and wellness centers to have your stress relieved and taken away.

Hot air ballooning over the valley is one of the most sought-after activities for tourists. Many visitors would say that it’s the highlight of their Napa Valley vacations! The hot air balloon rides have become a prosperous industry in the region, and so many companies are taking advantage of the interest in ballooning.

However, many visitors love to go to Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), the pioneer of the hot air balloon tours in the region. We offer sunrise hot air balloon rides — and so much more! If you want to get away from the hubbub on the ground and connect with Mother Nature in a different manner, we would love to help you!

Once you are up in the calm, breezy morning sky, you will witness the sunrise float over the beautiful Napa landscape. Everything will appear dreamy, with the neat rows of the verdant vineyards, clusters of trees and shrubs, rolling hills, and ponds that mirror the blue morning sky. Everything feels so serene, so peaceful, and you will appreciate how beautiful this world truly is. And any hint of trepidation will fade away because our pilots have years of experience. They will guide you to the most important landmarks of the region as you glide along. The sights, and the moment of being up in the air, are something to remember.

BATV also offers the freshest and tastiest pre-flight breakfasts, sumptuous post-flight brunches with wine, wine tours, picnic lunches, convenient transportation, and optional post-brunch shopping. Our office staff is friendly and hospitable, and they will always serve you with a smile!

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