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While anytime is a great time to visit Napa Valley, November is one of the best months to come. As the fabulous mid-autumn weather arrives, harvest activities, restaurants, hot air balloon Napa rides, world-class restaurants, and the always-welcoming wineries are welcoming visitors to the area.

After a hectic period of festivals, parties, and celebrations following the harvest season, the November crowds in Napa Valley tend to be smaller. Many hotels and guest houses have available space while reservations for dinner, wine tastings, tee times, and even those iconic hot air balloon Napa experiences are more available.

Experienced Napa Valley visitors enjoy coming to the region in November more than at other times for several reasons.

Why Do Knowledgeable Visitors Prefer Napa Valley in November?

Smaller Crowds

Crowds come to Napa Valley in the summertime to enjoy the many live entertainment presentations, parties, wine and food tasting, and hot air balloon Napa Valley experiences, and more. In November, following the annual harvest, the pace slows a bit, although there is still much to do. Making reservations, traveling around the communities, and outdoor family activities like hiking, biking, and golfing are less complicated during this time.

Beautiful Weather

November presents arguably the most pleasant weather of the year in Napa Valley. With daytime high temperatures between the upper 50s and 60s with a lot of blue skies, you will always be comfortable.

The month is also an ideal time to book your hot air balloon Napa Valley-style experience. You and your friends or family will rejoice in the incredible panoramic scenery of the Valley accented by the fabulous fall color spectrum of yellows, reds, and oranges.

New Cabernet Sauvignon Releases

During this time, many wineries are introducing their two-year-old Cabernet vintages to the market. Sample these new wines in the tasting rooms, restaurants, and markets. Also, note that wineries prefer to ship their latest creations during this time because the heat that may affect these wines while en route has diminished.

Famous Hot Air Balloon Napa Valley Experiences

The great weather, breathtaking views, and the exhilarating feeling of freedom while enjoying a Napa Valley hot air balloon rides are unforgettable. With Balloons Above the Valley, you can select from our three packages. These are:

  • Balloon Flight
  • Balloon Flight plus Mimosa Brunch
  • Balloon Flight plus Mimosa Brunch plus a Winery Tour

With over four decades of customer-pleasing experience, Balloons Above the Valley provides a safe and memorable experience for individuals, couples, families, and groups. All pilots are highly qualified and experienced. Their primary objective is the enjoyment and safety of all passengers.

To reserve your November hot air balloon Napa flight, contact our Balloons Above the Valley reservation specialist at +1-800-464-6824.