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Visitors who have seen, experienced, and been enchanted by the Napa Valley may want to do Napa tours all over again. And you can’t blame them!

Napa has definitely gone a long way from being an obscure, second-rate bunch of vineyards to one of the world-class wine regions of the world. And what could be a better way to experience the beautiful Napa countryside than in a thrilling and mesmerizing way, immersing yourself in wine education, sampling its cuisine, and making new friends along the way? It’s by choosing Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), one of the oldest existing hot air balloon operators located in downtown Napa.

With its long existence in the hot air balloon industry, this alone makes BATV your best choice. Besides its famous hot air balloon rides, BATV also excels in customer relations, hospitality, and flying safety. Not to mention are our amazing hot air balloon and wine tours packages allow you to enjoy the best of what Napa has to offer — either from the ground or from the air!

Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch
The base package of all the other packages BATV offers. Wake up to the delicious pre-flight breakfast that consists of freshly baked goodies and Starbucks coffee. Afterward, the hot air balloon adventure begins! As you leave the ground and head for the sky, see Napa morph into a wide landscape painting! Enjoy 360-degree views of Napa and its famous vineyards, rolling hills, and valleys as they greet the warm rays of the morning sun. You may occasionally see fog or mist enveloping the mountains the fields, which adds unique drama to the landscape. After the one-hour flight, end this special day with a seasonal post-flight brunch with sparkling wine to toast with your fellow guests.

Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour
This is like the Sunrise Balloon Flight & Brunch, but the difference between them is the added wine tours on the itinerary. Immediately after the hot air balloon flight (or the next day, depending on your preference), you and the other guests will be taken on a six-hour tour at four to six premium wineries plus a lovely buffet-style picnic lunch at one of the vineyards. Napa Valley Wine Country Tours will be your guide and companion who will take you to the wineries that will appeal to your taste.

San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package
Napa Wine Country Tours will take you from San Francisco to the Wine Country where you will be able to discover the diverse selection of wines from Napa and Sonoma counties. The day ends with a lovely buffet-style picnic lunch at a vineyard. The next day will be your hot air balloon adventure plus champagne brunch. And those are not all! You will also have the option to do some shopping and sightseeing before you are sent to the Ferry Terminal (with free ferry tickets) which will take you back to San Francisco.

Enjoying wine tours, having a picnic lunch, and enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful vineyard-dominated scenery will definitely make your Napa tours truly unforgettable. You’ll even want to experience them all over again!