Napa Tours - There Are More Ways to Arrive Than By Car

Do you want to know what Napa tours are all about? Napa Valley offers exciting tours and adventures that await millions – yes, millions – of tourists and wine lovers around the world who flock to the region each year. Exploring the Napa Valley is already an adventure of itself. However, exploring Napa Valley via different modes of transportation provide an element of intrigue and excitement. They can also give tourists the chance to see the captivating beauty of the Napa Valley in an altogether different perspective.

Since enotourism – or wine tourism – began in the Napa Valley during the 1970s, both the wines and tourism business in the region have been flourishing. Several transportation operators are cashing in on the prosperous Napa Valley enotourism by offering their services to tourists. One of the typical ways to experience Napa Valley and Sonoma is to travel by car. There are car rental businesses that you can go to, if you want to hit the roads by yourself while exploring the natural wonders of the Valley and discovering the process of winemaking. It’s helpful that you do some research first on several car rental companies in the Valley especially in regards to the rates that they offer. You don’t want to forget to compare prices.

There are many other ways to explore and experience Napa Valley other than by driving or riding a car. Another travelling experience is to ride a magnificently restored train that will take you to Napa and St. Helena. You will not only take pleasure at the gorgeous sights of the Valley but you will also get to have lunch while you’re in transit.

If you are a first-time tourist or are visiting the region in a group, shuttle buses are always an ideal way to explore the natural beauty of the Valley. They also provide tours around the wineries.

Napa Valley’s peerless scenery and natural wonders inspire you to consider other options – there are jeep rides, biking, boating, motorcycling, horseback riding, or just hiking and exploring by foot. Or if you can afford it, you can ride a classic limousine or the extended Humvee limo for luxury wine tours.

And who could ever forget hot air ballooning? The Napa Valley has earned a reputation as one of the best places in the world to go for a hot air balloon ride. And why not? You could say that the Napa Valley has all the things – wonderful natural scenery, gentle, stable morning winds – that are conducive to this type of transportation. Hot air ballooning is truly a marvelous way for visitors who are looking for something more magical out of their Napa tours.

There are several hot air balloon ride companies currently operating in the Napa Valley but only Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is guaranteed to make your airborne ride truly a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

With our amazing morning hot air balloon rides packages, Balloons Above the Valley will give you something beyond the ride. Of course, we won’t allow you to have your sunrise balloon flight hungry and lethargic, so we offer you pre-flight coffee and pastries for breakfast to keep you up on your feet and excited for the airborne journey.

Next, time to hop in the hot air balloon and experience what will be the ride of your lifetime. In the crisp, gentle and stable morning wind – perfect weather for a hot air balloon flight – it feels like you’re on top of the world.

Once you’re on a hot air balloon, you will get to see the beautiful, vast natural expanse of the Napa Valley. This includes tidy rows of grapevines, gorgeous clusters of trees and shrubs, and the overall breathtaking, unbeatable display of colors that Mother Nature offers, depending on the season. In the summer morning, you will be amazed at Napa’s wonderful shades of green, something that you may have not noticed before when you’re on land. While in the fall season, on the other hand, you will be certainly dazzled by a magnificent display of warm, golden colors of the trees and the vineyards, whose grapes are ready to be harvested.

And with the mad rush going on the Napa grounds – crowded restaurants, live gigs and music festivals, food and wine festivals, and the like – a hot air balloon ride is a perfect getaway from all the stress and the noise. Once up in the air, you will feel a genuine calmness and true oneness with Nature. Of course, you may not want to miss the opportunity to take pictures of the wonderful sights of the Napa Valley with your camera or smartphone.

You wish the airborne journey never ends, but as is said, all good things must come to an end. However, we at Balloons Above the Valley provide a delightful and satisfying end to your hot air balloon flight. We don’t want you to conclude your flight feeling hungry and enervated. We provide delicious and satisfying post-flight brunches for you and your friends. This is also the perfect time for you to talk about how your hot air balloon flight took your breath away.

Here is a list of our standard hot air balloon packages:

  1. Sunrise Balloon Flight – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, and post-flight brunch
  2. Sunrise Balloon Flight/Champagne Brunch/Wine Tour – a pre-flight breakfast, sunrise balloon flight, post-flight brunch with champagne, and a winery tour
  3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package – This package offers lots for tourists who want to discover more of the wine production aside from the sunrise hot air balloon flight. They will have free transportation (including a limo bus service with on-board Continental breakfast and mimosa), wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, champagne brunch, picnic lunches, ferry rides and so much more. You may want to know more about this package through this link:
  4. Chase and Brunch – for those who don’t want to ride on the hot air balloon. Along with the BATV staff, you will get to follow on the hot air balloon on the ground while your party takes their flight. A pre-flight breakfast and a post-flight brunch are also included, but you may also opt to have a post-flight brunch only.

We’ve added a few new special packages to accommodate more clients:

  1. Exclusive Flights – where you and your friends and family members will get to enjoy an exclusive hot air balloon flight and a private table at our post-flight brunch celebration. Yes, all the flights and the table to yourselves.
  2. Proposals and weddings
  3. Group tours and company tours – your party should consist of at least 10 passengers

BATV also provide rides for the children, 12 years and under, as long as they are at least 40 inches in height.

Please contact our office for assistance with booking the package of your choice, as well as the pricing of our special tour packages. For more complete details, head on to our page:

If you want to surprise your loved ones on their special day, you may also purchase our Weekday Gift Certificates ($179 per passenger, non-refundable). Please contact our office for more details on how to purchase our weekday flight vouchers, or check our webpage:
The Napa Valley – with its rich winemaking history, healthy wine industry and of course the unbeatable scenery – offers many options for tourists who want to discover the region. You may want to explore it on wheel or by foot. But if you want to make your Napa tours more unique and truly unforgettable, why not ride a hot air balloon? If you decide to do so, choose the pioneer of quality hot air balloon rides for your Napa tour – Balloons Above the Valley.