Napa Tours – To See Napa in a New Way, Take a Balloon!

If you are interested in Napa Tours, you won’t lack things to see, do, and taste. Napa Valley’s legendary wine industry and tourism is partly the result of encouraging visitors to explore the Wine Country in a variety of ways. With the choices available, many tourists have options regarding getting around and transportation around the area.

Many of the tourists arrive by car, and drive it to go to wherever they wish. They may have an itinerary or just go by their own. When you don’t have a car but want to drive in and around the vineyards and the valleys, you may rent one.

But even if you have a car, you may also want some other ways to explore Napa Valley. You may leave your car parked and explore Napa Valley by other means. Take advantage of the biking tours by renting a bike and going on guided tour. Or you can cycle amongst and around the vineyards on your own. There are many lodgings that also offer bicycle rentals. This activity is not only environmentally friendly and allows for some exercise, it will also further enhance your visiting experience in the Napa Valley.

Public transportation is, of course, available in the Napa Valley, including the city of Napa and between the valley’s main towns. The most common option is taking a bus. There is a fixed-route bus system in Napa country called VINE. The fleet of buses can take you to downtown Napa where you can wine and dine, shop, and enjoy. The buses will also take you to the ferry, El Cerrito Norte BART station, as well as Sonoma County and Suisun City Train Depot, depending on the routes.

If you want to explore the Wine Country in style, hop on the Napa Valley Wine Train, a magnificently-restored 19th century vintage train which also serves as a mobile restaurant. Taste the best authentic regional cuisine and experience the glory days of train travel as you go through the Napa Valley up to St. Helena.

If you want to experience Napa Valley in a whole new way we recommend that you should take a hot air balloon. And why not? You’re flying (almost) like a bird, and seeing the beauty of the hills, valleys, the well-manicured vineyards, and the overall natural beauty of the Napa Valley that greets the glow of the morning sun.

And the great thing about flying in a hot air balloon — provided that the weather is calm, the winds are stable, and the skies are clear. As long as these conditions are good you can take it in any season. See the green vineyards, hills and valleys in the summer and an explosion of green and golden colors in the fall. If you visit during the winter or spring you’ll see a blanket of yellow wild mustard blooms and emerald green hills. And you will see all of them from a bird’s-eye view! As soon as you get in the basket and you’ll be lifted, the experience will be sensational, and it can’t quite be matched by any other activity. And even if you want to fly the hot air balloon again, the experience will always be fresh, new, and exciting!

You have many options which operator you choose, but you’ll have the best choice if you take your balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), a pioneer in hot air balloon rides in Napa Valley. At BATV, guests are never short of a wonderful experience both on and off the Napa Valley grounds. Where can you find an operator that provides pre-flight breakfasts and post-flight brunches, winery tours, picnic-style lunches, limousine rides, and not to mention the magnificent sunrise hot air balloon flights? No one but Balloons Above the Valley offers all of these things. BATV has been operating for four decades and is still flying above its competitors.

If you want to get the most out of your Napa tours, ride a hot air balloon for the ultimate adventure, style, and luxury when you visit Napa Valley.