Napa Tours with a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Biking and Hiking

With its rolling hills and spectacularly scenic views, it’s not a wonder that Napa Valley is an ideal place for biking and hiking. If you plan a Napa Tour with more adventurous activities as biking, hiking and hot air ballooning, consider the following suggestions.

Before you embark on a hiking journey, you may want to first choose which suggested hiking spots suits you best, depending on the level of difficulty. For easy hiking, the most recommended spot would be Yountville Crossroads and Westwood Hills Park which are a little over a mile (or two) loop. Plus these beautiful and protected spots are not so overcrowded so you can focus just on your hiking journey.

If you are a more experienced hiker, try the more adventurous trails at Sugarloaf Mountain Trail, Robert Louis Stevenson Park, and Skyline Park. Before long you will see the vista points of the Napa Valley and the San Francisco Bay. You’ll enjoy the scenic views are realize they are definitely worth the strenuous climb. Make sure you remember your trail or, better yet, stay on marked trails so that you won’t get lost along the way. Wear appropriate clothing to avoid itchy plants such as the poison ivy or if the weather is chilly. You will also want to have snacks and water with you to keep your strength up.

Biking is also a pleasant activity in Napa Valley. The region’s terrain, apart from the lovely scenery and mild Mediterranean weather, make it perfect to bike as a mode of transportation or enjoyment. You can bike amidst the vineyards, too. There are several bike rentals here in Napa Valley that will also provide tour guides if you need one. Or bike on your own and discover some obscure treasures and little-known delightful places along the way.

Well, how about a hot air balloon ride? It may not entail as much action compared to biking or hiking, but still it gives you a sense of heightened adventure…literally as well as figuratively. You will see the beauty of Napa Valley like never before. There are the neat rows of grapevines and other foliage that will turn from vivid shades of green during the summer to green, red, orange, and yellow in the autumn. In winter and spring the vineyards are dormant, but you will be able to witness the explosion of brilliant yellows from the wild mustard flowers and emerald green hills in the winter and spring. The beautiful natural landscape of the valley and the spectacular views of the sunrise…what could be better than that?

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Napa tours will certainly be better with a dash of adventure. And Balloons Above the Valley will enliven the adventure you seek — flying up in the air and having the gorgeous views of the Napa Valley.