Napa Tours – Balloon & Wine Tours to Remember

If you love wine or travel, or both, there is no more perfect way to indulge your passions than Napa tours. Visiting Napa Valley offers plenty of things for every tourist who craves the taste of the best wines, thrilling adventures, and breathtaking sights that are too beautiful to be forgotten.

Napa Valley draws in about 2 million tourists a year, so it’s no doubt that the prestigious wine region has lots of reasons why it is the place to go for a holiday. Aside from taking a tour to the vineyards and the wineries, there are numerous excellent places to shop, dine, have fun, and relax. In terms of spectacular sights, the Napa Valley is never short of those. In fact, the region is brimming with astonishingly beautiful natural wonders that await every tourist to see and revel in — and the Valley is always beautiful any day, any season year round. If tourists want a dash of adventure, the region also has it.

If you are a thirsty, adventurous traveler with a particular taste for wines, Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers packages that will ultimately satisfy your craving for wine and travel. One of them is the Balloon and Wine Tour Package. This package gives you and your friends the privilege to visit 4-6 premium wineries in the Napa Valley. Remember that wineries change daily to suit your preference; however, there is no strict routine because the Wine Country is the place to indulge your desires — any way you want. Discover the time-honored process of wine making from grapes to glass. Have a chance too, to taste premium wines from small, boutique wineries that are popular to locals.

Aside from visits to the best wineries in the region, the Balloon and Wine Tour Package offers you other privileges that you and your friends will enjoy. Sumptuous and delectable picnic-style lunches, luxury limousine transportation, and so much more. Of course, your Napa tours at BATV won’t be complete without the much-awaited highlight: a glorious ride on a hot air balloon in a beautiful sunrise morning, over the breathtaking Napa Valley landscape that basks in the bright, warm morning sun.

If you want unforgettable sight-seeing during your Napa tours, you may want to take no other extraordinary way to do it other than riding on a hot air balloon! BATV offers packages that will suit your desires and your budget. Most of these packages will surely leave you coming back for more!

To be able to fully appreciate the sunrise hot air balloon ride, you’ll need something to perk you up in the morning. Most of our hot air balloon packages offer you delicious and warm pre-flight coffee and pastries that will surely fill your bellies, awaken your senses, and get you more inspired to take your hot air balloon ride.

Once you’re aboard the hot air balloon, you will be taken on a ride of a lifetime. Sure, you have seen the beauty of the region from the ground, but once you’re up in the air the view of the Valley will be definitely much more spectacular. The vineyards will appear in small, neat rows of trimmed clusters of verdant foliage, as well as fruit trees and shrubs, and majestic-looking hills. In the autumn, you will witness the wonderful play of warm colors — yellow, red, and orange — of the trees, shrubs and grapevines that are ready for the harvest. In the winter, you will get to enjoy the explosion of vivid yellows and greens. In this particular season, emerald-green hills perfectly complement the bright canary-colored wild mustard blossoms that proliferate around dormant vineyards.

After that extraordinary hot air balloon ride, you and your company will be feted with a heavenly post-flight champagne brunch celebration. Over brunch and champagne, you will be able to talk about how wonderful your hot air balloon flight has been and then wish you could experience that kind of adventure again!

Balloons Above the Valley guarantees that visitors will get their money’s worth with these wonderful balloon and wine tour options for you to enjoy:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Brunch
2. Sunrise Balloon Flight – Champagne Brunch – Wine Tour
3. San Francisco Balloon & Wine Package
4. Chase and Brunch Option

Aside from those standard packages, BATV also does corporate and group tours, proposals and weddings, and exclusive flights (with private table at the post-flight brunch celebration). Children can also enjoy the hot air balloon flight if they’re 12 years old and above and are at least 40 inches in height.

You may check out our page for more details of our balloon and wine tours packages: Or you may drop as a note by e-mailing us at

When you want to go hot air ballooning in summer (being the most popular season for this activity), spring, autumn, and even winter — Balloons Above the Valley will be glad to assist you with booking your reservation.

Napa Valley has almost everything discerning tourists want — the best wines, world-class amenities, and places for fun and relaxation. It also has unbeatable, awesome scenery, as well as the ins-and-outs of winemaking. Looking for something else beyond the usual? Take on the hot air balloon rides to make your Napa holiday a trip to remember. When you decide to include hot air balloon rides as part of your Napa tours, choose the first and the still best company for your hot air balloon flight, Balloons Above the Valley.