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Balloons Above the Valley

Enormous Growth Opportunity for a Hot-Air Balloon Business

in the North Bay Wine Country


Balloons Above the Valley (“BATV”), Napa’s iconic hot-air balloon ride company, has been listed for sale as a turn-key business with excellent growth potential for $5 million.

BATV offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a thriving wine country tourism business, with a stellar reputation and the dominant market share in the North Bay. BATV currently operates with a regular waitlist, but possesses all of the components needed to operate at higher capacity and increased profit – including facilities, equipment, and governmental authorization – merely by hiring additional staff to meet the growing demand.

The $5,000,000 listing price includes the business and personal property:

BATV’s business constitutes a turn-key operation – $5,000,000

  • Eight hot-air balloons, most offering a 20-passenger capacity each.
  • All vehicles and equipment necessary to operate the hot-air balloon business.
  • Balloons Above the Valley currently employs four pilots, 18 ground crew, a ten-member hospitality team, and four reservation specialists, with growing demand for additional employees.
  • 9 x 15 passenger F350 Vans to move more the 100+ guests every day.
  • 5 Isuzu NPR 6.OL HD V8 custom designed flat bed trucks with heavy duty lift gates. Designed to carry balloons, gondolas, fans, extra tanks & tarps.
  • Large industrial size sewing machine for our balloon fleet.
  • A full service shop to handle any needs for repairs and or alterations keeping our company best rated Napa Balloon Company year after year.

In addition, the company’s office and maintenance facilities at 603 California Blvd. are priced at $2,250,000. For an additional $3,250,000, the Napa County’s only fully vested, hot-air balloon launch site on Washington St. can be acquired – for a total price of $10,500,000. Seller may consider leasing one or both of the real properties on a long-term basis to a qualified buyer.

Company’s office and maintenance facilities – $2,250,000

  • A 7,020-square-foot two story commercial building on a 14,375-square-foot parcel, centrally located near Highway 29 and downtown Napa. The building contains an office, balloon maintenance facilities, and all related operations (including propane storage).

Napa County’s only fully vested, hot-air balloon launch site – Official California Airport – $3,250,000

  • Parcel of land (plus residence for employees) totaling 2.0 acres in size that offers the only fully vested, hot-air balloon launch site that is the only FAA-approved airport dedicated to hot-air balloon launches in California, if not the United States. The launch-site is conveniently located in the prime hot-air balloon path in the heart of the Napa Valley. FAA has designated “Bobs Balloon Ranch” as the official name for this Napa Balloon airport.

BATV’s location in the heart of Northern California wine country offers idyllic weather to allow hot-air balloon flights for approximately 310 days per year, along with the opportunity to integrate the hot-air balloon business with existing wine, hospitality, and/or tourism operations.

Heading into retirement, founder and current owner Bob Barbarick has committed to assist in the continued success and growth of the BATV business and will provide transitional assistance and consulting to the new ownership.


Since its founding in 1977, Balloons Above the Valley has evolved into an ultra-premium guest service-oriented company, with guests enjoying a champagne toast following each flight, along with concierge services available for other tourism experiences in the Napa Valley.

Current rates for the full flight experience are $299 per person, and calendar year 2022 has surpassed $2.4 million in annual revenue.
Hot air ballooning has become one of the most popular, sought-after experiences in the wine country, and the region consistently ranks as one of the top balloon-riding destinations in the country. Flying approximately 10,000 passengers annually, BATV dominates the region’s hot-air balloon ride industry, holding 40 percent market share.

As one of California’s most highly respected balloon aviation companies, Balloons Above the Valley surpasses all others in industry standards, quality of service, operations, and flight safety.

This turn-key business will generate profit and net revenue from the first day. With investment into additional staffing, this business will grow in operation and increased net income.



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