Napa Activities – Plan a Girl’s Weekend

Napa activities are perfect for every girl who needs a weekend to have fun, keep her sanity and rejuvenate her soul along with her girlfriends. There are a smorgasbord of fun things for you and your gal pals when you choose Napa Valley as your next weekend destination.

Napa Valley is a beautiful location and this is just one reason for you and your friends to choose a weekend getaway here. Aside from the region’s unbeatable natural beauty, there are also lots of great places and activities to enjoy, explore, and relax. As girls love to shop and dine, Napa Valley offers an impressive array of restaurants, premium outlets, markets, boutiques, and souvenir shops. The area also does not fall short of entertainment as the region sizzles with activity. Dance the night away in Calistoga, or hit the bars in downtown Napa for great live music.

After all the hectic activities, you and your girlfriends will want to loosen up at any of valley’s highly-rated massage spas and wellness centers. Relax, unwind, and forget your cares as you and your girlfriends chat about how amazing your food and shopping have been.

As females are generally fickle, girls will want nothing but the best in their weekend holiday. As you are planning your Napa trip, plan to research for a nice place to stay. A great hotel with an excellent and comfy bed, a terrace that provides you and your friends a place for al fresco breakfasts and drinks and chatting, as well as a great view of the Napa landscape. It won’t hurt that your choice of a hotel can also have a live bar, a massage spa, and a restaurant or café, too. In other words, your hotel should be a vacation in itself.

To explore the best of the region, hiring a driver is recommended. A driver who knows his way around the Valley will definitely take the stress out of navigating the region on your own. But if you want to tread the roads for a dash of adventure, rent a car (or a bike), have a brochure with you, and go discover wonderful places you’ve never been to before.

A visit to Napa Valley won’t be complete without doing the most essential activities — tasting the wines and exploring the vineyards and the wineries. If you and your girlfriends love wine in particular, then Napa Valley must be your paradise. Explore the barrel rooms and the deep wine caves. You may also have the opportunity to get a sip or two while walking through the vineyards. This would be a great experience that you and your girlfriends will share and should be included in your weekend getaway plans.

However, there is one more thing that you and your girlfriends will want to experience during your Napa activities. A hot air balloon ride perhaps? At first, a hot air balloon ride sounds a bit intimidating but as time nears it sounds more like an exciting escape from the hubbub on the Napa grounds.

You and your gal pals, however excited at the prospect of riding a hot air balloon, may have some concerns about it. But once you pick Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) for your hot air balloon adventure, you’ll know you are in good hands.

Our staff at BATV is fully experienced and knowledgeable so we put your safety as our first priority. But we also know how to make your hot air balloon ride utterly fun and enjoyable!

Balloons Above the Valley offers amazing sunrise hot air balloon packages. The highlight comes, of course, when you and your girlfriends take what will be the ride of your lifetime. You’ve never seen the beauty of the Napa Valley in the way that you will when you’re up in the air. Neat rows of grapevines, pretty clusters of trees, and gorgeous verdant hills are what make for an enchanting, peerless, natural beauty of the Napa Valley while you’re flying. In the cool, calm, morning breeze, you’ll feel the warm rays of sunshine that greet you as you and your friends fly along and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Napa Valley. Your spirits and soul rejuvenate; you’ll feel as if you’re one with Mother Nature.

Because we at BATV conduct our hot air balloon rides in the safest way, you’ll finally forget your initial worries and will enjoy your heavenly (pardon the pun) time sight-seeing and taking pictures of the breathtaking Napa landscape. Most likely, you won’t forget the chance to pose for a souvenir selfie with you and your friends, with the magnificent Napa scenery in the background. Yes, it’s safe to do it once you choose us!

Of course, BATV’s sunrise hot air balloon packages don’t only provide you with the best hot air balloon rides alone. There are also superb pre-flight breakfasts (consisting of Starbucks coffee, tea, hot chocolate and freshly-baked assorted pastries and muffins), that will make your group ready for the flight. Sumptuous and fresh seasonal post-flight brunches with Domain Chandon champagne provide the perfect way to end your awesome morning after an amazing flight.

Our packages also provide tours to Napa’s premium wineries, picnic-style lunches, and luxury wine tours on a limousine, Continental breakfast with a mimosa, olive oil tasting, and so much more. Want to learn more about our astounding sunrise hot air balloon tour packages? Check these out here at this link: You will also have an idea regarding the rates of each of our packages, as you plan to include a hot air balloon ride in your Napa activities. To book your reservations ahead, contact us through the following details: Phone: 800-464-6824 (toll-free); 707-253-2222 (direct) or E-mail:

If you and your girlfriends plan to include a hot air balloon ride as part of your weekend bonding in Napa, you will never regret if you choose Balloons Above the Valley. Our longevity in the business, superior service, warm hospitality and utmost safety are guarantees that you and your gal pals will enjoy Napa activities as well as have a worry-free, enjoyable, and unforgettable flight – and in style!