Napa Activities for the Fall Season

Do you know how you can make your Napa activities in the fall season enjoyable? Although summer and spring are what pulls people to the Napa Valley, you may also want to visit the region during the autumn months. Napa Valley is at its most breathtaking during this season, where grapevines in particular offer the most striking splash of colors – red, yellow, orange, and gold. These contrast with the background which offers otherwise verdant hues and beautiful sunrises.

Fall, of course, is the time of harvest. Farmers are up in the wee hours of the morning to harvest their precious grapes in Napa Valley. The fruits are gathered from the vines while they are still in cool, excellent condition, so there’s less damage in the clusters.

October and November is when all-day temperatures start to cool down, after the searing summer heat. This means more people will flock to the Napa Valley, so it’s best to make your reservations early for Napa Valley wine tours.

You can enjoy the vast expanse of the Napa Valley and these amazing warm fall colors by taking a hot air balloon ride. Hot air balloons are the best way to appreciate the peerless Napa Valley in the autumn season. When you include hot air balloon rides in your Napa itinerary, choose Balloons Above the Valley.

Balloons Above the Valley is among the first companies to offer exhilarating hot air balloon rides over the beautiful Napa Valley. Not only that, we make it all more special through our exciting packages that will not only satisfy your sight-seeing pleasure, but your tummies as well with our delicious pre-flight treats and post-flight brunch.

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch
– Pre-flight breakfast consisting of Starbucks coffee and freshly baked pastries
– Brief pre-flight orientation
– Hot air balloon ride over the valley
– Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

2. Balloon and Wine Tour Package
– Hot air balloon ride over the valley
– Visit to wineries, where visitors get to see the process of winemaking, from grapes to glass
– Picnic-style lunch and sample menu
– The option to visit the wineries on the same day as the hot air balloon ride, or the next day

3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package
– Two-day package
– Limo bus service, with an on-board breakfast and mimosa
– Opportunity to take photographs at the Golden Gate Bridge
– Visit four diverse wineries in Napa and Sonoma
– Hot air balloon ride over the valley
– Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

4. Chase and Brunch
– For those who don’t wish to ride on the hot air balloon
– Pre-flight breakfast
– Follow the hot air balloon from the grounds, along with the BATV staff
– Post-flight seasonal brunch with Domain Chandon champagne

The fall season brings natural beauty to Napa Valley in another dimension. What could be a better way to appreciate the gorgeousness of the valley than by viewing it from up in the sky on a hot air balloon ride? Here at Balloons Above the Valley, we don’t only offer breathtaking flights and other goodies. The warm hospitality by our staff will also make your Napa activities in the fall season more special and memorable.