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If you are social distancing from your mother, you might consider some unique and thoughtful ways to demonstrate your sincere love and gratitude on Mother’s Day. During this painful period of separation, special expressions of caring and appreciation are more important than ever, and your extra effort can surely make this difficult time more pleasant.

Fortunately, while we may be separated, we can still participate in some virtual activities with the help of technology.

Or, you might consider purchasing gift certificates for an exciting future outing to Napa Valley complete with wine tastings, tours, a special “deferred” Mother’s Day dinner, and even an entire family hot air balloon Napa Valley ride.

Here are some ideas to honor that exceptional person in your life.

A Virtual Mother’s Day Dinner

Connecting through Zoom or another online service, each family member can “gather” for a unique and special Mother’s Day dinner. By logging in and placing phones and PCs strategically upon each participant’s dinner table, everyone can share a typical menu, participate in conversation, and, most importantly, allow the Guest of Honor to feel your genuine caring and love.

Of course, Mom should not be responsible for any of the preparation. Her dinner should be delivered to her front door just before the event begins.

While you might suggest that the dinner will be intimate, invite all close relatives to participate. And, make sure everyone’s audio is turned on so that when everyone speaks at once, your Mother’s Day family dinner will seem familiar!

A Virtual Wine Tasting

If Mom is a wine lover, you might consider a virtual wine tasting with some of Napa Valley’s favorite wines. You might contact a Napa Valley’s winery to join one of the professional wine tastings through the magic of live internet. Have your selection of wines delivered in advance to each location, and make sure plenty of crackers and cheeses are on hand at each site.

Explore Wine Country Far Above the Vineyards

Take advantage of Balloons Above the Valley’s Mother’s Day Special with a gift certificate for a ride on one of the iconic Napa Valley balloons. For only $169 per passenger, your mother, you, and others can enjoy the fantastic scenery of Napa Valley while floating gently among the clouds. You can even add a special Mimosa Brunch and a wine tour after disembarking.

Buy your discounted gift certificates now and make your reservation for a future date.

Drive-By Visit

While you are protecting her by keeping your distance, you can still drop by to wish a Happy Mother’s Day. Leave flowers or candies on the porch. Perhaps you should bring lawn chairs and greet her through the window, using your cellphones to communicate your love and best wishes.

Contact Balloons Above the Valley for Future Flights

Take advantage of the current Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Special and make reservations for a future adventure with the longstanding hot air balloon Napa Valley company, Balloons Above the Valley. You can make reservations online, or phone one of the Balloons Above the Valley reservationists at 1-800-464-6824.