Learn More about Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California is one of the famous and premiere wine regions in the world. Its Mediterranean climate, location, and geography make it perfectly amenable for growing grapes. This, of course, leads to successful commercial wine production.

Because of the Mediterranean-type climate and geography, Napa Valley boasts beautiful scenery, cool winds, and warm sun. Everywhere you look in Napa Valley is picture-perfect. You will see neatly arranged rows of grapevines along with lush valleys and hills. These display various shades and tones of green in the summer time, and an explosion of warm colors in the fall. Throughout the year, you can enjoy wine tours and one way to arrive at a Napa Valley wine tour in style is to plan a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon wine tour.

First though, why not get to know how Napa Valley evolved into one of the premiere wine regions in the world?

Napa Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) is a wine region located in Napa County, California. An English immigrant by the name of John Patchett established Napa’s first commercial vineyard during the mid-19th century. Charles Krug was also among Napa Valley’s original pioneers of winemakers by establishing another winery in St. Helena, a city in Napa County.

American viticulture and winemaking suffered considerably during the late 19th and 20th century due to factors such as the outbreak of phylloxera (a pest that attacks the grapevines), the Prohibition, and the Great Depression. After that though, the winemaking industry recovered, and soon Napa Valley was back in business and became more prosperous than ever.

With the combination of a successful wine industry and the beautiful Mediterranean-style scenery, Napa Valley emerges as one of the top enotourism (wine tourism) destinations in the world.

Because of Napa Valley’s marvelous landscape, gentle climate, and, of course, the wines, tourists from parts of the US and around the world come to taste of the world-famous wines and appreciate the region’s natural beauty. And there is so much more that Napa Valley offers!

Have a glorious culinary adventure at Napa Valley’s world-class restaurants. Enjoy sightseeing at some of the valley’s unusual and remarkable architecture. Drive or bike the many trails. Check out the picnic-style lunches, or even blend your own wine mixes! If entertainment is your thing, attend music festivals and hit nightlife venues. Do endless shopping at the numerous stores in Napa and nearby areas such as Yountville and St. Helena. If you’re tired from the numerous activities in the valley, relax and soothe your senses by going to one of the many spas or wellness centers.

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