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You, your loved ones, and your friends can now enjoy a double delight with your Balloons Above the Valley’s hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley. After a rendezvous in the morning, you will board your hot air balloon, pose for photographs, and then slowly lift off, guided by a licensed, highly experienced pilot and drift for a peaceful and safe approximate one-hour trip above the vineyards and communities of Napa Valley.

After a soft landing at your destination following a safe, peaceful adventure among the clouds on your balloon ride Napa Valley-style, you should gather your group for a celebratory champagne brunch at Napa’s famous C Casa.

Award-winning C Casa at the Oxbow Marketing in downtown Napa provides both outdoor and indoor seating and will present a Champagne toast along with a delightful picnic brunch consisting of either a vegetarian Potato Frittata or a Chorizo Frittata with Chips, Brownie, and a bottle of water, along with your champagne accompaniment.

Relive your Balloons Above the Valley experience, and make sure you take a few more photos as you enjoy the delicious food and charming atmosphere of C Casa.

Make Your Reservations

Over time, some of the delightful memories of visits to Napa Valley may begin to fade. But one thing is for sure. The memory of your serene and scenic Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon rides above Napa Valley will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Mental images of the panoramic views of seemingly countless vineyard rows, wineries, attractive homes, pristine communities, and dramatic mountain backdrop will remain with you long into the future.

You should make your reservations for your Balloons Above the Valley flight and Champagne Brunch well in advance to ensure your preferred date is available. The cost-per-person for the Flight + Bruch Package is $329.00.

Besides the balloon rides Napa Valley, your package will also include Coffee and Pastries at the Model Bakery at Oxbow Market in the morning before starting, plus transportation to the embarkation site.

Reservations for the Balloon Ride alone are $299 per person.

Safety on Board a Balloons Above the Valley Hot Air Balloon

The management and staff of Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon rides treat your health and safety as their Number One Priority. Not only fully trained to fly the hot air balloons safely and only when conditions allow, but the Company exercises extreme caution regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides sanitizing surfaces in the transport vehicle and practicing safe distancing and masking, the passengers are sufficiently spaced within the basket or gondola to prevent unwanted exposure.

Contact Balloons Above the Valley for Your Flight + Champagne Brunch Reservations

You can make your reservations or purchase Gift Certificates for future flights on the Balloons Above the Valley website at any time.

Plan your unforgettable Napa hot air adventure with Balloons Above the Valley now. Include the excellent Champagne Brunch with your group reservations to ensure a complete experience.

If you have any questions, contact the Balloons Above the Valley Reservationists at 1-800-464-6824.