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One thing is for sure. When you are ready, Napa Valley will be welcoming you back to its safe and healthful environment, complete with great outdoor activities amid delightful summer weather and incredible views. Recent events have kept us mostly inside, but soon we should be resuming many daily activities and even take short trips to experience California’s many delights.

Even during the present situation, many wineries of Napa Valley continue to offer personalized virtual wine tastings and information. These are great social distancing events that allow groups to socialize from their respective locations while learning and enjoying some of Napa Valley’s excellent wines.

It is not too soon to plan your trip to Napa Valley, however. By late July or early August, the situation should stabilize, and activities in Napa Valley will begin to swing back to normal.

Planning a Summertime Visit to Napa Valley

A Napa Hot Air Balloon Adventure

As your getaway plans begin to develop, several Napa Valley companies are offering specials and taking reservations for later this summer. One company, Balloons Above the Valley, a longstanding Napa hot air balloon company, is currently offering gift certificates for discounted balloon rides for any future date. The reduced cost for a future flight is only $169 per person.

After you gather in the early morning for coffee and pastries, the Balloons Above the Valley professionals will transport you and your party to the embarkation site. Once you have boarded, the hot air balloon rises gently, revealing a magnificent view of the Valley and its vineyards as you greet the sunrise. View the pristine communities as they pass gently below and witness the grandeur of the mountainous landscape that borders incredible Napa Valley.

During your one-hour flight, your professional pilot will point out notable sites as you drift safely toward your landing area.

To make the day even more memorable, you can also choose the optional Balloons Above the Valley Champagne Brunch at award-winning C Casa Restaurant in Oxbow Public Market, followed by a guided wine tour.

Biking and Hiking in Napa Valley

Another super activity to reacquaint you with the Great Outdoors is to plan a bike outing or hike through Napa Valley. The Valley’s Vine Trail is under development to extend 47-miles north and south through the Valley. Some sections, including the Napa to Yountville segment, are complete.

You might also arrange for a guided bike tour with one of the local companies that will include a unique look at the area, wine tastings perhaps, and even lunch. Some companies are offering discounts to be used when everything starts to reopen.

Contact Balloons Above the Valley for your Gift Certificate

Begin to break the monotony of our current shelter-in-place situation by making plans for a trip to beautiful Napa Valley for later this summer. You can purchase your $169 hot air balloon rides Napa Valley special today by visiting the Balloons Above the Valley website or phoning 1-800-464-6824.