Hot Air Ballooning Is What to Do In Napa

If you are planning to be in California and wonder what to do in Napa while you are there, you will find you have a wide variety of experiences available to you. There are thermal pools in which you can bathe and mud baths that are an experience like no other. You also have your choice of restaurants that provide cuisine from all parts of the world, created and served by top-notch chefs. You can enjoy the wines from local vineyards. Or, you can try many tours of the area which can be taken by car, on foot, or by hot-air balloon.

The restaurants are pretty much a sure thing, as everyone is required to eat at some point. It would be a shame to pass up the quality food and wines that are prepared for your enjoyment.

One thing you really should consider trying during your visit is a hot air balloon ride. In the summer, you can see the vineyards in full bloom (before or after taking a tour and tasting the varieties available). During the fall and winter, you can still see the vineyards, though they are dormant, as well as the trees and the wildlife that roams the land below. It is entirely likely that you will see things that you will want to visit later, once you are back on the ground.

While you view these sights, you will float in near-silence and serenity, surrounded by blue skies, sometimes peppered with clouds. The brief roaring of the fire adjusting the temperature of the air inside the balloon and conversations with the knowledgeable pilot pointing out sights below are the only sounds that commonly interpose themselves into the silence.

If you happen to be totally averse to experiencing the view from the heights, it is sometimes possible to ride with the chase crew and still share brunch with your flying friends. It is important to note, however, that only one person for each person flying is allowed to ride in the chase vehicle.

Once you finish your hot air balloon ride, you along with your fellow riders and your pilot will be returned to the brunch location you selected upon making your reservation. Following your champagne brunch you are free to explore the rest of the Napa Valley at your own leisure.  You can take the time to check out some of the locations you noted on your flight. You may also want to visit some of the fun shopping areas in downtown Napa. There you will find an historic district with boutiques and spas as well as unique shops.

If you prefer the outdoors, you can find plenty of things to do outside, as well, such sports as golf, tennis, and hiking. Bike riding and kayaking are also available. You could even go back to your hotel and nap in preparation for taking in the nightlife and music opportunities that begin later in the evening.

Regardless where your interests lie, you can always find something when you are looking for what to do in Napa.