Hot Air Balloon Rides near San Francisco Start with Balloon above the Valley

Hot air balloon rides near San Francisco and the Bay Area are guaranteed to be a pleasurable side trip while staying in the city. Be sure to experience riding the hot air balloon in the Wine Country, particularly the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

The once-unknown Napa Valley became internationally famous after winning the Judgment of Paris in the 1970s. This win put the Napa wines at the same level as the European wines (especially French wines). Since then enotourism has flourished in the Californian Wine Country. With that progress, more wineries, inns, hotels, and restaurants began to dot the region. Several different attractions are also available now in the area.

Napa Valley is now a popular tourist attraction, and many vacationers who stay in San Francisco also go to the wine region near the city, usually to visit the wineries, do wine-tasting and dine at exceptional restaurants in the region. But many other tourists add other activities like going to the art museums and galleries, festivals, concerts, workshops, and other attractions like riding the Napa Valley Train and hot air balloon rides.

While staying in San Francisco for a week or two (or just planning to visit it), why not take a side trip to the outskirts? It will bring new and refreshing discoveries and experiences, as well as to make the most of your holiday. When you’re feeling frisky in particular, you are ready to take the hot air balloon ride, and at the same you won’t have to miss going to the wineries.

If you’re in a dilemma, choose Balloons Above the valley (BATV) to enjoy both the experience of riding a hot air balloon as well as go on wine tours in Napa and Sonoma. BATV is one of the pioneers of the hot air balloon tourism in the Napa Valley, and after four decades they’re still flying high above the competition.

BATV’s “San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package” is one of the most recommended packages. For only $836 per two guests, you will be able to take your wondrous sunrise flight over the Napa Valley as well as have the opportunity to visit wineries, where you will learn how wine is made and also do some wine-tasting. This package covers two days.

On the first day, you will be transported from San Francisco to the Wine Country aboard a limo bus. Once you’re in the limo, you and the other guests will enjoy a delicious onboard breakfast with mimosa. Your chauffeur will make a stop at the vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge; the stunning views of the bridge over the San Francisco Bay will undoubtedly make you snap a lot of photos and maybe one or two selfies!

You and the other guests will visit two wineries in Napa and two in Sonoma. A delicious picnic-style buffet lunch at one of the wineries awaits you and the other guests after a round of wine tours, wine tasting and olive oil tasting.

The second day will be filled with more adventure — the sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Napa Valley! Enjoy a pre-flight breakfast with fresh coffee and pastries before you’ll be transported to the hot air balloon site.

Once you’re at the site, and the balloons are inflated, you are ready to take what could be the flight of your life! The world around you will appear smaller, and smaller and smaller… as you go higher up in the sky.

Now you will be able to see the vast expanse of the Napa Valley and admire the sights around you. Neat rows of grapevines form quilt-like images on the rolling hills as well as the valleys and the mountains which are covered with clouds and fog. See the darkened sky change into lighter shades of blue, and the sun rise over the horizon. This is another chance for you to take lots of photos, videos, and selfies for posterity.

After the one-hour flight, you and the other guests will be treated to a delicious and seasonal champagne brunch, to celebrate the successful airborne journey.

Do you want to go back to San Francisco right away just after the brunch? If you aren’t interested in sticking around after brunch, the chauffeur will drive you to the Vallejo Ferry where a ferry will sail you back to San Francisco. You will be provided with free ferry tickets.

However, if you want to do some shopping and sight-seeing after that delicious brunch, you will be dropped off at the Oxbow Public Market or Napa Valley Premium Outlets before being transported to the ferry back to head back to San Francisco.

Wine tours and hot air balloon rides near San Francisco will definitely add more excitement to your stay in the city. For more information about Balloons Above the Valley’s sunrise hot air balloon rides and wine tour packages, contact BATV at 800-464-6824 (toll-free) or send an email to