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People who have participated in more than one Napa balloon ride discover that the amazing views change with each season.

During summer, the leaf canopies blanket the vine rows laden with brilliant greenery and ripening fruit. The vineyard vegetation is considerably thinner in the late summer and fall after the harvest. However, the brilliant fall colors of surrounding trees and plants still offer a stunning view.

By December, as the temperatures drop, the vineyards become dormant. Vineyard managers begin the severe wintertime pruning to reduce the vine structure to the minimum in preparation for the next crop year.

Colors of a Napa Valley Springtime: Mustard Rows

Many experienced Napa balloon ride passengers prefer to observe the visual transformation of late winter and early spring when some of the most dramatic changes occur.

Just as the vines awaken from their wintertime dormancy, the bright yellow blooms of mustard plants appear between the vineyard rows.

From the vantage point of a hot air balloon Napa Valley, passengers are always amazed by the breathtaking appearance of the vivid yellow mustard foliage across the landscape, a vision best appreciated from their loftier perspective.

Vineyard Foliage Appears

Depending on the prevailing weather, the vines begin to sprout new growth at a particular moment in the early spring. Fresh leaves appear on each vine to signal a new season’s growth and development.

The vines flower in only a few weeks, creating another panorama of bright colors and new crop development.

The flowers will gradually turn to buds and will eventually “break” to create those wonderful grape bunches that, with a bit of skill and magic, will be harvested and converted into some of the world’s most sought-after wines.

Plan Your How Air Balloon Hot Air Adventure

A springtime hot air balloon ride Napa Valley offers a panorama of color as the vines awaken from their wintertime rest.

By reserving your Napa balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley, visitors enjoy a safe, breathtaking experience and a sense of escape while enjoying the foliage and a colorful burst of vitality throughout the area.

Imagine greeting the morning as your professional pilot allows the Napa balloon ride to rise slowly on a beautiful morning as you begin to witness the incomparable views of amazing Napa Valley from a new and glorious perspective.

Make your reservations today for any future Balloons Above the Valley springtime flight. Don’t miss the constantly changing scenery of Napa Valley and learn why springtime is considered the best time for a hot air balloon Napa Valley ride.

To learn more about a safe and memorable Napa balloon ride, check out the Balloons Above the Valley website or phone one of the reservationists at 1-800-464-6824.