Try a Honeymoon in Napa | Balloons Above the Valley

Gorgeous scenery, endless restaurants for romantic dinner dates, and wines for toasting and drinking — these are few of the many things that make up for a great honeymoon in Napa Valley. It is little wonder that Napa Valley often makes at the top of every newly-married couple’s list.

Also, Napa Valley is a world famous enotourist spot, so it’s only natural to think that visitors would have high expectations there. They want excellence in almost everything: from wines to food to service and many other things. Traveling and staying in Napa should be more towards creating romantic moments and making great memories, and less towards the hassles and inconveniences that a lot of tourists would often encounter there.

In order to do that, it begins with choosing a great place to stay. Napa Valley has lots of accommodations that range from the cozy B&B’s to the deluxe hotels. If budget is not of a particular concern, you will be able to enjoy more options. Make sure to find a great place which also allows you to enjoy the company of your new spouse, since the point of this Napa Valley trip is a honeymoon. A hotel room with a king-sized bed and all the basic amenities is an absolute must. It wouldn’t hurt if it should also have an isolated balcony that offers spectacular sunsets and gorgeous Napa scenery, a private pool and a big hot tub near the fireplace.

For couples planning to have just a getaway, B&B’s would suffice. There is a lot of charming B&B lodgings in Napa that make you feel right at home. Quaint these lodgings may look, but they also offer the modern amenities and conveniences such as cable TV and Wi-Fi.

Napa obviously doesn’t suffer a dearth of restaurants and cafes — in fact, the region is one of the places with the most Michelin star-awarded restaurants in the world. Actually, everywhere is a good place to have a romantic dinner in Napa, depending on you and your spouse’s preference.

Whether you dine on a farm-to-table cuisine at 1313 Main Restaurant, shop for artisanal goods and have a meal at the Oxbow Public Market, or just enjoy a lunch at a picnic table near a winery and viewing the idyllic outdoors — great food and romantic ambiance are everywhere in Napa.

Taking your usual romantic dinners to the next level? Then go for the Napa Valley Wine Train and choose the “Romance on the Rails” dinner inside the two-level Vista Dome railcar, which is topped with a glass roof. Better reserve a table if you’re all for a unique “wine and dine.”

Couples massage are popular nowadays; most spas and wellness centers in Napa offer facial and full-body massages as well as saunas, mud baths and kinds of therapeutic treatments. Other couples may prefer outdoor massage gardens with heated pools, while some love dimmed lights and soothing music while they are being pampered.

Love is in the air in Napa, so take this opportunity to bring the air up even higher by a hot air balloon adventure! Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) are there to help bring your love to the next level. With our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly flight crew, you don’t have to think of anything else but enjoying the rare, bird’s eye view of the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape dominated by fields of neatly-rowed grapevines. You may also request a champagne flute for you and your spouse, and make a toast to celebrate the new chapter of your romance.

Our new line of packages mostly offers pre-flight breakfast and hearty post-flight champagne brunch. If you want to add it to wine tours choose the “Flight Brunch and Wine Tour” option for $708 per two persons. Chauffeured tours and a picnic lunch at one of the wineries visited are also included in the package.

A great honeymoon in Napa Valley has the combination of relaxing, intimate moments and a dash of thrill and excitement, highlighted by BATV’s hot air balloon adventure. It is the kind of honeymoon that you and your new spouse will surely find memorable for many years to come.