Maybe a Honeymoon in Napa | Balloons Above the Valley

Most people get married where their own families live, or wherever that is convenient to them. But when it comes to planning their own honeymoon, newly wedded couples want to go somewhere far, somewhere exotic, or somewhere enchanting. A lot of newly married couples would like to honeymoon in Napa Valley, and it’s not a surprise why.

Part of the reason Napa is chosen as a honeymoon destination is because of its scenic and often fairy-tale-like beauty, excellent cuisine, top-rated facilities, and fun things to do. Of course, it could also have something to do with wines. It’s easy to see why Napa Valley is one of the top choices of many honeymooners.

How to have an extra-memorable honeymoon in Napa Valley? The following are some suggestions:

  1. Pick honeymoon packages
    Packages are saviors especially for those who want to go on a honeymoon in Napa Valley on a budget. A lot of hotels and lodgings offer them, and most of these packages include either a breakfast in bed or lunch, a massage for two, a hot tub, and a queen-sized bed. Many lodgings offer bed and breakfast amenities for those who prefer not to stay in a hotel. When you are about to book a room, just tell them you’re coming for your honeymoon and they will most likely arrange a special accommodation for you!
  2. Try out Napa’s cuisine
    No matter where you dine in — whether in a fancy dinner restaurant or a picnic lunch with a fantastic view of the valley — eating out in Napa is always special when you’re with someone you love. It will be even more special and adventurous if you try to experience Napa’s unbelievable cuisine, which presents an enticing fusion of local and international flavors. Apart from being a world-class wine region, Napa Valley has gained a reputation is a foodie hub — after all, it is the home the Culinary Institute of America and the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Needless to say, trying out Napa’s cuisine is obviously a must.
  3. Enjoy a massage or a luxurious spa
    After all the wine tours, sight-seeing, and shopping, it is only natural that you want your honeymoon to be relaxing, too. Detach yourselves from the stress by availing yourself of the couples massages or spas available. Calistoga, which is the home of the Old Faithful Geyser of California, is popular for its spas and wellness centers, although you can also find them in the other cities and towns in Napa.
  4. Enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride
    Do you want to take your love and union to a higher level? Show your love for each other in another extraordinary way. Take it to the hot air balloon! Being afloat and having spectacular views of the Napa Valley at sunrise definitely set the tone for romance. For a more optimal experience, choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), which allows you to enjoy chauffeured wine tours, picnic lunches at one of the wineries, enjoy an hour-long sunrise hot air balloon ride, and a post-flight champagne brunch.

A honeymoon in Napa Valley is the dream that every newly married couple has. If you are about to get married and are planning your honeymoon, choose Napa Valley as the perfect choice to set the tone for romance. Toast a Cabernet to celebrate a new chapter of your love in Napa Valley!