Fun Things to Do In Napa During the Winter

You know Napa Valley is usually quiet during the winter, but there are still fun things to do in Napa during that time. In fact, Napa Valley usually experiences the slowest, quietest place during the months of December and January. The winter season means fewer tourists and less crowded hotels and restaurants. Winter is your chance if you’re looking for solitude and uninhibited enjoyment in Napa Valley. This season doesn’t have to be so dull; you will still have plenty to do in Napa during the wintertime.

Winter in the Napa Valley isn’t snowy; in fact, the region experiences chillier winds, and some rain showers, but often has crisp and sunny days. Apart from the unique weather, you will also see extraordinary seasonal changes in the Napa Valley landscape.

Winter time is the least expensive time in the wine region, where several hotels offer unique bargains, with many slashing their rates by over 50%. This is one great thing you can take advantage of during wintertime in Napa.

The winter (and spring) season is also dubbed the Cabernet season. This is where knowing tourists take advantage of the slashed hotel rates and more accessible access to food and wine, especially the famed Cabernet Sauvignon.

One of the must-do activities in Napa is to visit the Oxbow Public Market, especially if you are an enthusiastic foodie. Even if it’s raining during a large portion of the day, it will be no problem for you as long as you have time to explore the many unique delicacies under Oxbow’s roof. Sample the fresh, organic, and sustainable local produce and truly artisanal and gourmet products such as coffee, chocolates, cheeses, grass-fed beef, teas, spices, and, of course, wines. Enjoy gourmet tacos at C Casa, premium chocolates at Anette’s Chocolates, English muffins at The Model Bakery, and delicious organic ice creams at Three Twins Ice Cream. And isn’t it more enjoyable to have comfort foods at this time of the year?

Visit the stunning Inglebook Chateau where you can enjoy the excellent scenery of the vineyards surrounding it, as well as learn about Napa’s wine history. You also have the opportunity to try the chateau’s wines and other beverages. You won’t want to miss a visit to Greystone, the historic building in beautiful St. Helena where the campus of the Culinary Institute of America is located. You can visit the school’s culinary store, as well as the old cellars built by the Christian Brothers. Along the Silverado Trail, you will find a unique winery called the Mumm Napa. You can try its signature sparkling wines, experience tastings (for a fee), and visit its fine art photography exhibit for free.

Don’t miss the annual “Pauper’s Feast” at the Calistoga Inn. You can have an entree, salad, and a dessert for an incredibly affordable price, plus a local singing group will belt out holiday tunes. An excellent suggestion is to eat at the bars of some restaurants and wineries, as during the winter season they usually have menu food whose prices are remarkably lower than their dining-room counterparts.

Take advantage of the fact that winter in Napa Valley features the most beautiful change yet. The dormant vineyards are overtaken by the brilliant yellow blooms of wild mustard, while the emerald green rolling hills are sometimes enveloped by a mist that adds a mystic appearance, which makes it more beautiful. There is nothing like the winter season in Napa Valley.

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