Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley for the Start of 2016

2015 will soon be over, hopefully, leaving you with fond memories that will surely last for a lifetime. As the year draws to a close, most of us are excited for 2016 and whatever things that lie ahead. If you’ve done a lot of fun things to do in Napa Valley, you will have more fun activities to enjoy in 2016 so be sure to mark your new calendars!

Super Bowl 2016 is undoubtedly the most anticipated sports event next year, since it will hold its half-a-century edition simply called Super Bowl 50. It will also be a momentous occasion since the San Francisco Bay Area will host its first Super Bowl in three decades. This will surely be an epic game and, as of this moment, Bay Area hotels have been offering attractive packages and plenty of gimmicks to draw would-be live spectators to this one-of-a-kind sports event.

But don’t let the Super Bowl brouhaha inundate your other vacation plans as you will be able to enjoy other events there before, during, and after the big sports event. If you’re all about sparkling wines such as Champagne (the real deal that is), Cavam California, the French Alps and many more, don’t miss out on the New Year’s Sparkling Wine Tasting Event at Backroom Wines on January 8. Abundant and free potato chips will also be available to accompany the sparkling wine tasting!

Football fans who are anticipating Super Bowl 50 may also want catch the pre-game deets from the Crush Ultra Lounge at The Meritage Resort and Spa on the big day itself, February 7. Well, you’re not just going to listen to those pre-game assessments while sipping drinks and shooting the wind — you’re actually going to listen to them live as announcers from 95.7 The Game radio station will do their broadcasting right on the Crush Ultra Lounge itself. Sounds quite cool!

After the Super Bowl, the season of love fills the air and again Napa Valley will be ready again to give those romantic couples the Valentine’s Day they deserve. Take this V-Day suggestion: Judd’s Hill Winery will once again hold its Valentine’s Day Pickup Party where couples enjoy delicious gourmet meals paired with their own wines, as well as a chance to bond while they are given free massages. And what is a Valentine’s Day without romantic music? Couples will be treated with some lovely music that will remind them of a quaint French cafe. But before you get ahead of yourself, this event is free to the winery’s own wine club members so be sure to register first!

A new year may also mean new things to learn! During the fall and winter season Julie holds her cooking classes in the Oxbow Public Market so don’t ever miss this chance to sign up for Cooking with Julia at the Oxbow Market Tour and Cooking Class. Classes are offered every Tuesday and Friday. You have to sign up sooner because the classes are held up until April only. You can impress your guests back at home with the culinary wizardry you will have learned from Julie’s cooking classes.

Riding on a hot air balloon is always a fantastic idea, any time and any season of the year, whether you have a special occasion or just plan for a great time. No other wineries in the world can show its guests the beauty of the landscape through hot air ballooning better than in the Napa Valley!

When you plan to go hot air ballooning over the Napa Valley, choose to go with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV). For almost 40 it has managed to keep its reputation as one of the best and safest providers of hot air balloon flights to tourists in Napa Valley.

Apart from the glorious sunrise hot air balloon flights (which are a treat already), BATV also provides other perks like pre-flight breakfast and coffee, post-flight brunches, wine tours, wine and olive oil tasting, picnic lunches, luxury transportation, and others. Experience luxury without spending too much! BATV is available for all seasons so even the cold winter to spring months you can always consider booking a reservation. You may call us at 800-464-6824 to learn about our various packages.

The lineup of exciting and fun things to do in Napa Valley in the first months of 2016 will hopefully be a signal of the better things ahead of you — more tours, and more memories to come!