Fun Things to Do in Napa Valley After a Hot air Balloon Ride

Napa Valley is not just a destination for serious visits to the wineries and the vineyards. Yes, the wine-growing region is indeed serious in its mission to provide world-class wines. But you can also find many fun things to do in Napa Valley, as the place is an excellent destination particularly for couples or the whole family.

Couples enjoying a getaway in Napa will surely find the place beyond enchanting. It’s a perfect place to wine and dine, visit the wineries, marvel at the beautiful scenery, and relaxing at the first-rate resorts. In these ways, couples will have more opportunities to tighten their romantic bond. Pick hotels that are especially geared for married and/or romantic couples when planning your getaway.

While we don’t think that wineries are ideal for kids, Napa Valley otherwise offers a host of activities that both adults and kids alike will enjoy. Families can enjoy activities such as hiking and camping out, biking together along the foothills, and eating and enjoying food together. Gawk at the spell-binding geysers in Calistoga, go on an authentic safari in Santa Rosa, and head to ranches where families will have a chance to experience farm life, with their kids tending to the farm animals. Be sure to pick a family-friendly hotel especially with kiddie pools, and go to restaurants that also offer menus for your children.

Going on a hot air balloon ride will easily be the highlight for romantic couples and families. You’re flying up way high in the sky, feeling like a bird, exploring the beauty of the Napa Valley at sunrise. The world is quiet and peaceful as you glide over the neat rows of grapevines, the scattered clusters of trees and shrubs, and the bright green hills that bask in the gradual glow from the sunrise. Kids feel like they are flying like superheroes or acting like medieval explorers. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has been providing hot air balloon flights for over 30 years and we guarantee our guests a safe and fun flight.

After the balloon descends gently back to the ground, you may think that the fun ends there, but no! There are so many other things couples and families can do after the hot air balloon flight. BATV offers a wide range of post-flight activities that you and your family members and loved ones will surely enjoy.

Of course, there’s the freshly-prepared and yummy post-flight champagne brunch hosted by BATV. While there’s sparkling wine for the adults, there’s juice and other yummy treats for the kids. Guests have the option as to where they would like to have their post-flight brunch. Here are the four post-flight brunch places that are part of BATV’s tours package:

  • C Casa – located at Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa, C Casa puts emphasis only on the freshest ingredients and innovative cooking. It serves both ala carte and buffet menus. It has been awarded with the Michelin Bib Gourmand for the fifth time in a row!
  • Napa Valley Marriott – it offers a full post-flight brunch buffet for guests
  • Chalk Hill Winery – located in the gorgeous Chalk Hill estate, this is having a brunch with style! The brunch itself is located in the winery’s dining hall, which is situated on top of the hill, and guests can enjoy the exquisite brunch prepared by the resident chefs.
  • Langtry Estates – the Langtry Estate is one of the biggest privately-owned properties in California, just a 15-minute ride from Pope Valley in Napa. The post-flight brunch is held at the farmhouse famous for being owned and operated by the late actress Lily Langtree.

Apart from the brunches, guests have the option to do last-minute shopping before being transported back to San Francisco by ferry. They can shop at the Oxbow, or the Napa Valley Premium Outlets. There is also the option to be sent to the ferry terminal after having your champagne brunch.

A post-flight champagne brunch is also the opportunity for you to celebrate your successful just-concluded hot air balloon flight. They’re just one of the fun things to do in Napa Valley that will make you want to come back for more! We at Balloons Above the Valley will ensure that all of our guests enjoy every minute of their trip with us, before, during, and after the hot air balloon ride.