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Easter has a different look this year. Because of the current worldwide health crisis, we must all retreat to our homes while the usual community, church, and school-sponsored activities had to be canceled.

If there is a silver lining anywhere to the current crisis, it might be that families will be spending more time together and creating personal Eastertime activities.

Make it fun. With more time together, you can recreate some of those traditional home-based endeavors rather than engaging in massive Easter egg hunts and picnics. Easter this year will be a time for personal reflection, family participation, and inevitably an extra dose of creativity.

Here are a few traditional and not-so-traditional family activities to consider:

Easter Egg Coloring

While there is nothing new here, many families, particularly those with smaller children, enjoying coloring eggs each year. This time, add a modern twist, perhaps, by imagining new ways to decorate them. Better Homes and Gardens, for example, offers 43 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs. A few of these include:

  • Silk Tie Dyed
  • Checkered Eggs
  • Baking Soda Dyed
  • Rice-Dyed Eggs
  • Tissue Paper Eggs
  • and more

Perhaps you may try a few to upgrade your egg decorating skills for future participation.

Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

Organize a social distancing Easter Egg Hunt on your street. Ask each family to “hide in plain sight” their decorated eggs or even pictures of eggs. Each family will set out at a designated time to identify and count those cleverly hidden eggs that they can spot at each home without leaving the sidewalk. Be sure to wear masks and maintain a minimum six-foot distance from other walkers.

When finished, each family reports the number of eggs spotted. The winning family is the one that is closest to the total number of eggs hidden, without going over, of course.

Family Picnic

Organize an immediate family backyard picnic. Hide and hunt more eggs, and play old fashioned lawn games like “horseshoes,” croquet, and others.

Gardening and Planting

Easter is the time for springtime planting. Give everyone in the family a plant or seeds to plant wherever they want. Each can watch their contribution grow through the summer and enjoy their efforts.

Napa Valley Balloons

On hold during this year’s season will be those glorious and famous Napa Valley balloons that adorn the sky during Easter week. Always decorative themselves, the Napa Valley Balloons of Balloons Above the Valley replicate the appearance of the most beautiful Easter eggs as they drift slowly across the horizon.

Hundreds of thousands of awe-struck passengers have floated gloriously over the vineyards and communities of Napa Valley during past decades.

Balloons Above the Valley is offering discounted gift certificates for individuals, families, and groups to travel on unforgettable and safe one-hour Napa balloon rides at some future time.

For more information about your gift certificates for future Napa balloon rides, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website.

You may phone our reservationists for your discounted gift certificates for any later date at 1-800-464-6824.