If You’re Visiting Napa Valley for the First Time, You’ll Want to Try These Five Fun Activities in Napa and the Surrounding Area

Apart from the sightseeing and dining out al fresco at the gorgeous Mediterranean-style wineries/restaurants/chateaus, consider these five fun activities in Napa Valley that you do not want to miss trying:

  1. Visiting the Oxbow Public Market

Visiting the Oxbow Public Market should be included on your must-do list for your Napa Valley trip. This upscale public market is a good introduction to Napa Valley’s wealth of food, wines, and other delights that are truly unique in this wine region. You will find an abundance of seasonal farm produce and gourmet foodstuffs that discerning food lovers will surely enjoy. Under the open-air market’s one roof, there are more than a dozen restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, cheese shops, and several stalls that sell the freshest produce. The open-air space and feel of this market, as well as the attractive displays of the products, will incite you to explore one establishment to another, especially if you choose to stay in the area another day. Taste the decadent cold cuts, the freshest, newly-caught oysters, artisanal cheeses, premium wines, and other excellent edibles to your heart’s content. It can’t be more impressive than this.

  1. Get in touch with nature at Skyline Wilderness Park

Discover your adventurous and nature-loving side by going to the Skyline Wilderness Park, a 900-acre park that features a remarkable elevation. The navigation course is tough, but unless you revel in getting lost as part of an extreme adventure, you really need a map to help you find your way (maps are available at the park’s entrance). Venture into the thick of the forest where you can discover all kinds of wildlife such as wild turkey and deer. Hike, bike, go horse-riding, go camping, and have a picnic lunch as the park also offers picnic and barbecue areas. You may also want to explore the two-and-a-half-mile trail that leads up to Lake Marie at the eastern part. On this trail you will be able to view the San Francisco Bay on a clear, bright day. (An alternate route is also available, but it’s not recommended for the faint-hearted!). Please be aware, dogs are not allowed in this park.

  1. Get aboard the Wine Train

Ride on the restored vintage wine train which crosses the expanse of the picturesque vineyards. This is one of the most popular activities in the famous wine region. Recreate the golden days of train travel and marvel at the train’s interior designed in early 20th-century fashion. Not only do you enjoy riding a beautiful “retro” train, you also dine inside it, as the train also functions as a restaurant that features excellent fine-dining fare. You will enjoy the freshest and most seasonal gourmet meals. The train runs on a 25-mile track from Napa to St. Helena. This is one train ride that you will surely never forget.

  1. Explore the best wines and art at Hess Art Collection Museum

Wine and art lovers will find the Hess Art Collection Museum the ultimate utopia. Located on Redwood Road in Napa Valley, this museum houses an exquisite collection of wines as well as world-class art. You will also find exceptional wines such as Napa’s own Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Admire Hess’ exceptional art collection selected and acquired by its owner Donald Hess. He championed the works of many unknown artists who, under his generous support, have blossomed into renowned names in the art field. If you want to experience an exclusive wine-tasting, you should make a reservation in advance. This wine and art adventure at Hess is something you definitely should not miss.

  1. Go on a hot air balloon ride with Balloons Above the Valley

You may have appreciated the picturesque beauty of the Napa Valley from the ground, the panoramic view up from the hill, or from the high balcony of your hotel. However, nothing beats the view of the Napa Valley’s expanse from high in the skies. Yes, this is possible through a hot air balloon ride! Experience the ride of the lifetime with Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), where you can have the safest and the most fun sunrise hot air balloon rides. See the beautiful greens of the expanse of the valley in the summer, splashes of green and shades of warm colors in the autumn, and a blend of brilliant yellows and greens in the winter and spring, with the neat rows of grapevines working into one great gorgeous patchwork.

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There are endless possibilities to have fun activities in Napa, but we recommend these five activities for you to experience and enjoy your vacation to the fullest in this world-famous wine region.