Any time is a great time to be in Napa Valley. Each month offers its own variety of memorable activities to enhance your stay in America’s Mecca of winemaking, fine cuisine, and outdoor activity. To enjoy the culinary classes, wine tastings, Wine Train tours, bike trails, hot air balloon ride Napa Valley, and more, a visit of a few days is not enough.

Sure, February is not as busy as the planting, growing, and harvesting months. But that’s an advantage. The lines are shorter, traffic thinner, and prices are generally less. Costs of accommodations and wine tastings are reduced at many well-known venues. The weather is cooler, but not cold, in February, perfect for hiking, bicycling, and sightseeing. Exhilarating hot air balloon Napa Valley rides provided by the professionals at Balloons Above the Valley are also a great way to enjoy the scenery while getting your bearings.

What to Do in Napa Valley in February

Following a morning hot air balloon Napa Valley ride to start your day, Napa offers some great events during the coming weeks.

“Ugly Duckling” Performance at the Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater. February 24

This Hans Christian Andersen classic is perfect for all ages. The performance will display stunning visuals, choreography, and musical effects while incorporating puppetry and magnificent light technology.

Teen Crafternoons at Napa County Library on the 3rd Thursday of Every Month

The February 21st Crafternoons led by Melissa Mathis is a program designed to nurture creativity among young people. Materials, instruction, and snacks are free and will keep artistic minds busy from 4 to 5 PM. Following a memorable hot air balloon Napa Valley ride, young people can learn the basics of the February program’s emphasis, the ancient art of origami.

Napa Craft Beer and Spirits Festival at Napa Valley Opera House, February 23rd @ 2 to 4:30 PM

Napa isn’t only about wine. Craft breweries, distilleries, and cideries also flourish here. For visitors 21 and older, Blue Note will be presenting a delightful opportunity to enjoy the delicious products of 35 different producers along with excellent food, live music, and games.

Balloons Above the Valley Hot Air Balloon Napa Valley Rides

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