Family Vacations in Napa Valley – Planning for Everyone

Family vacations in Napa Valley may sound improbable, since the region automatically brings adult activities to mind such as wine tasting, wine and food pairing, and fine dining. There are ways to enjoy a family vacation in Napa and the surrounding area if you know what activities to plan.

However, don’t cross Napa Valley off your vacation destination list just because you’re taking the kids along. The wine region also offers activities that are fun for kids and the whole family. You’ll be even surprised how many there are, but we’ll just mention some of them here.

Napa Valley is a natural wonder, which means it offers many great reasons for you and your family to go outdoors! Biking is one option for exploring the beauty of the valley. Rent a bike and pedal your way on the quiet country roads or in the middle of the vineyards, whether in the morning or in the late afternoon before the sun goes down. Hiking and camping out are also two of the best family activities in Napa. Most hiking spots in Napa have trails so the family won’t get lost on their way back. Places such as the Skyline Park offer fantastic views of Napa Valley, which are well worth the exhausting hike. For more nature-gazing, go to Calistoga to see the Old Faithful in California, a geyser borne from a drilling mistake that occurred several years ago.

Napa is a place where you can also learn something worthwhile apart from being entertained. Kids and kids at heart will have good ol’ fun when they visit the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, not too far away from Napa. Visitors will enjoy a free tour around the factory, plus chocolate confection and wine tasting.

If you can’t resist visiting the wineries but at the same time you just can’t leave the kids alone in the hotel room, don’t worry. While a lot of us see little connection between wineries and kids, there are a handful of wineries that are kid-friendly, such as the Castello di Amorosa with its faithfully designed medieval castle (it also offers grape juice), Robert Sinskey Winery where kids can feed the fish, and an aerial tram ride to the hilltop at the Sterling Vineyards.

Hot air balloon rides over the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape will definitely bring a dash of fun and adventure! If you want to take your kids on a hot air balloon ride but are still concerned for your kids’ safety, don’t have to worry! Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will definitely take care of that. The operator’s 40 years in the business alone will make you sigh in relief, which means safety of the guests has been the company’s top priority for long. Be sure to ask about the height and age requirements before making your reservations to ensure your children can go.

Your kids will be excited by the idea of flying over the Napa Valley landscape. Several hundreds of feet from the ground, they will look with awe at the wondrous, picturesque views the neat rows of grapevines, deep valleys, green rolling hills and watch the sun rise. Although BATV strives to make your flights as safe as possible, nevertheless keep a watch over your kids because sometimes they may get too curious, excited or frisky as to invite possible danger especially when you’re in mid-air — and that is not fun!

Children are also welcome to hop in to one of BATV’s hot air balloon baskets. They must be at least 40 inches tall so that they will be able to look over the basket. While adults enjoy the sparkling wine at the post-flight brunch, kids and non-drinkers will also enjoy fresh, healthful and delicious goodies, too.

Include a hot air balloon ride and Balloons Above the Valley during your trip! The hot air balloon rides and other activities that you plan for your family vacations in Napa Valley will make your moments with your family truly special and unforgettable.