Family Friendly Napa Wine Tour Packages | Balloons Above the Valley

Napa Valley is not just for single adults or couples even though many people come for the Napa wine tour packages. Over the years, Napa has been upping its reputation as the world-class destination as a family-friendly holiday destination. You can even take your toddler with you in Napa too! Oftentimes, families have been listing Napa Valley as one of the places they would like to visit.

To pull in more vacationing families, a lot of companies offer family-friendly Napa wine tour packages that come in many different sorts of activities as well as budget. The wineries included in these packages are carefully chosen so that children and minors will be able to have their own kind of fun while their parents and adult companions enjoy sips of Cabernet.

Castelo di Amorosa, for one, provides a private tasting room exclusively for adults with children. The massive castle, built in 13th-century Tuscan architecture, provide lots of places for both adults and children to explore and enjoy. Sterling Vineyards offers a cable car ride where kids will delight in panoramic views of the vineyards. Clos Pegase and the Hess Collection are examples of wineries that also function as art galleries, where families will also get to enjoy looking at art.

Of course, wine tours should extend beyond the wineries’ doors. It’s so warm and sunny in Napa, which is famous for its Mediterranean-type climate that makes it conducive to growing wines. The day is great and the surroundings are so picturesque, they’re perfect for some outdoor fun for the whole family! You may want to go cycling in the vineyards for the whole day or just for a matter of hours. Rent a bike of any kind (mountain, tandem, or bikes with trailers for toddlers) and go on a guided bike tour. Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the wineries. Or families can travel on the Napa Valley Wine Train tour where families can enjoy a sumptuous fine dining experience inside the train, and of course there are kid-friendly dining options for the younger ones.

Hot air balloon rides will surely bring lots of fun and adventure! Your family, especially kids, will be surely thrilled of the prospect of flying a hot air balloon over the Napa fields. Having such a one-of-a-kind way discovering of Napa Valley will surely bring out the age-old explorer in them. From their balloon baskets, you will get to survey and admire the landscape which consists of patches of neatly-arranged grapevines and clusters of trees in-between, as well as majestic hills and mountains and the deep valleys. Their curiosity on how the Napa Valley will look like when viewed from the sky will be richly rewarded.

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will surely bring in the satisfaction to every family, especially those who are looking for a unique spin on their Napa holidays. BATV’s package, despite including some conventional wine tours and some wine-tastings, is totally family-friendly.

BATV is also reputed to have held a flawless record when it comes to safety. So when you choose us, you can be confident that our hot air balloon rides are safe even for kids. With our durable baskets and experienced pilots, you can be sure that you will be in good hands once you choose us.

And how about the treats that are included in our packages? Families will enjoy a warm, freshly made breakfast before heading off to the launch site. And after the flight, a post-flight brunch awaits them. Although there is a sparkling wine at the post-flight brunch, kids will also get to enjoy meals and some sweets as well.

If you want to bring the kids along, BATV also offers “Child Rates” which are available to only kids who are 12 years old and under, and must stand 40 inches tall. This option also includes pre-flight breakfast and post-flight brunch in addition to the hot air balloon flight. Follow the link and see which of the options will suit your preferences and budget.

Napa wine tour packages have become more family-friendly than ever, so don’t hesitate to take the kids along to Napa Valley for your next holiday!