Fall Months Are Perfect for a Wine Tour in San Francisco
In our opinion, there’s really no bad season to do a wine tour in San Francisco. And the fall months are no exception. In fact, a lot of people who have gone to San Francisco and the neighboring Wine Country have attested that autumn is indeed the perfect season to visit.

This may be true especially for the California wine country like the Napa Valley. Its endless rows of grapevines boast some of the most striking, dazzling colors anywhere you look. Each varietal changes itself into a different color, and the vineyards themselves turn into dazzling warm hues of yellow, orange, and red. Much of the rolling hills and some trees remain green throughout the year.

The striking natural colors alone are worth a visit in October and especially in November. The fall season is also the time for harvesting grapes to be made into wines. The region celebrates the bountiful harvest by mounting several festivals such as the grape stomping festivals with live music, local cuisine, and of course a variety of wines. Some wineries offer guests a one-day experience to get a glimpse at what it’s like working at a winery, from picking and sorting grapes to testing the wine’s alcohol and sugar levels. Even some wineries allow you to customize your own wine blends to take home!

The fall months may give a lot more focus on wines than any other season but the activities don’t stop there. Other non-wine or non-grape activities include art, music and film festivals, fitness (such as yoga and Pilates) classes, photography classes, and “Cooking with Julie” classes.

Autumn might also be the best time for the family to have a weekend getaway at Napa Valley. The beautiful colors of the fall and the milder temperatures make a day in Napa absolutely wonderful. Family activities include golfing, shopping, dining and picking pumpkins, which will be fun especially for the kids!

If you are planning to visit San Francisco in the fall, this would be the right opportunity for you to explore the enchanting beauty of the Wine Country this season. A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to enjoy unlimited views of the Napa Valley. Soar above the immaculate rows of golden grapevines and mountains cradled by rolling valleys. To fully experience the beautiful sights and flavors of the fall, choose Balloons Above the Valley, the pioneer of hot air balloon rides for tourists for four decades. Our “San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package” will be the perfect option for tourists in San Francisco who also wish to take a tour to the Napa countryside.

Leave the driving to others because in this package as a fleet of limo buses will take you from San Francisco to the Wine Country. Visit wineries in Napa and Sonoma where you’ll discover and savor the luscious, delicate flavors of their wines. The following day, enjoy the BATV hot air balloon ride and see the golden vineyards, the green rolling hills and valleys waking up to the rays of the morning sun.

Autumn is truly perfect for a wine tour in San Francisco. The gorgeous golden landscape and the milder weather together also make it a perfect reason to go out for a ballooning adventure with Balloons Above the Valley!