Experience These Things to Do in Napa Valley

There are many things to do in Napa Valley that you won’t regret and may cherish for keeps! Napa Valley’s reputation as a premiere wine region and tourist destination is enticement enough for you to explore its beauty and overall greatness — in almost every aspect!

Napa Valley offers opportunities for you to enjoy pleasures beyond what you’ve experienced before at other tourist spots in America. The best natural sights, food, entertainment, travel, and wine are all found here in Napa Valley, which is only a little more than an hour drive from San Francisco.

It’s little wonder the Napa Valley enjoys millions of visitors that come from many parts of the United States and abroad. In 2014 alone, the wine region welcomed a total of 3.3 million visitors! Everyday feels new, exciting, and refreshing when you’re in Napa Valley so you cannot afford to miss this chance.

If you are interested in wine, then the wines and winemaking in Napa Valley are enough incentives for you to pack your bags. The famous wine-growing region is at the forefront of the world’s enotourism (wine tourism). Apart from the prosperous wine industry, the Napa Valley also offers unsurpassed natural beauty and a gentle Mediterranean climate which is conducive to grow grapes.

There are over 400 wineries splattered across the valley so if you are going to visit each winery we suggest you preparation your itinerary and save for the expenses! Sipping Cabernet Sauvignon’s and Pinot Noir’s against the picturesque vineyards is surely all worth the trouble! Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or an amateur but passionate wine lover, you will miss a big part of life if you haven’t experienced visiting Napa Valley.

The best wines in Napa Valley are paired with the best food. Experience unique culinary adventure in Napa as the region boasts a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, and other watering holes as well as spots for picnic lunches. Food is always fresh (and freshly-made), wonderful, varied, exciting, and delicious in the Valley. Here, you’ll never have to go far just to experience the best of American and world cuisine.

The Napa Valley is also loaded with places to shop! Stop by at markets, boutiques, specialty stores, malls, outlets . . . experience shopping at all of them especially if have money and time to spare! After shopping perhaps it’s time to hit the nightclubs in Calistoga or just enjoy a nostalgic, intimate show in downtown Napa, or attend a music festival.

Accommodations are plentiful in the Valley. If you’re aiming for a cheap place to sleep, the region has lots of inns and hotels that are within your pocket’s reach. Some of them are only a few minutes’ from wineries and vineyards. You will be surprised at how clean the cheaper inns and hotels are, and this will add value to your money. Of course if you want something more, you may want to stay at Napa’s luxury and all-inclusive hotels and resorts which offer a spectacular view of the vineyards as you step outside to the veranda.

Want to get up close and personal with the Valley? Rent a bike and to travel to a vineyard or other beautiful spots. You can also board a magnificently restored wine train where you will also have lunch. Inside the beautiful wine train it feels like you’ve stepped into an olden time and this will be another unique and wonderful experience. We know you don’t want to miss it!

Want to experience the beauty of Napa Valley in a different level? Why not try hot air ballooning? It looks daunting at first but once you experience flying you won’t ever regret it! This is especially true if you choose Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), a company that’s committed to provide the safest and most enjoyable flights over the beautiful Napa and Sonoma Valleys. They have been providing unforgettable hot air balloon rides for over 38 years.

Once you’re flying on a hot air balloon ride, you will view the vineyards that now look like they’ve been stitched into one large, gorgeous quilt! In the summer the vineyards and the rolling hills are green. In the autumn, the vineyards are splashed with warm, fiery colors, dotted with the ripe purple and green grapes ready for harvest by the hundreds of wineries there. And in the summer and spring, brilliant emerald green hills and yellow wild mustard flowers take center stage as the vineyards are in their resting period.

Our pilots are fully experienced and will guide you through the most important points of your airborne Napa journey. You will eventually feel that flying is not so scary at all!

You will experience all these when you choose us, Balloons Above the Valley. You won’t only get to see these spectacular sights that Mother Nature offers in any season, you will also be able to enjoy other luxuries at a price you can afford. There’s the most delicious pre-flight breakfast with fresh coffee and pastries as well as a mouthwatering and unforgettable post-flight brunch with champagne. Not only that, we also offer optional post-brunch shopping, convenient transportation, wine tours, picnic lunches, and so much more.

Want to pop the question to your loved one? Dreaming of a perfect wedding with an amazing background? Why not make it extra special with a hot air balloon flight over the beautiful Napa Valley? BATV will gladly provide you assistance with booking your proposal and wedding reservations.

BATV also offers exclusive flights if you want a more intimate flying and post-flight brunch experience. We also do group and corporate tours or offer another option if you just want to remain on the ground and watch your friends fly. For more information about our hot air balloon flight/wine tour packages and reservations, contact us at 800-464-6824 or info@balloonrides.com.

Balloons Above the Valley is pleased and honored to have been awarded the 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. We would like to thank our clients and friends for supporting and patronizing our services. Rest assured with this recognition we will continue our commitment to provide the safest hot air balloon flights, other enjoyable conveniences, and warm hospitality from our experienced and friendly staff. Hot air balloon flights with BATV are one of the things to do in Napa that is an utterly enjoyable and remarkable experience.