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Hot air ballooning is a unique experience that one will never forget. You feel like you’re flying up in the sky, touching the heavens, and looking at the magnificent views on earth. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a hot air ballooning adventure with Balloons Above the Valley.

Summer means a lot of fun activities for most people – like going to the beach, swimming or doing other outdoor sports. But if you’re looking for something different and seemingly magical to do this summer, try riding on a hot air balloon over the beautiful Napa Valley scenery.

Aside from the spring season, summer is time where the Napa Valley landscape is naturally beautiful and vibrant. So what’s a better way to appreciate Napa Valley in the glorious summer than viewing it from a hot air balloon up in the sky?

Napa Valley’s business is at its peak during the summer season. Vacationers want to experience the taste of Napa by visiting the local wineries, sampling wines, eating out and appreciating the gorgeous, unparalleled scenery.

However, the roads leading to Napa Valley during the summer months can be heavy and congested. Restaurants and tasting rooms are filled with crowds, winery picnics can be seen here and there in the region. Concerts and events such as the Summer Concert Series are attended by myriads of visitors.

If tourists are looking for a perfect escape from the crowds in Napa Valley, at least for the moment, one way is to ride on a hot air balloon. Fortunately, the summer months are perfect to ride a hot air balloon since it is sunny and clear.

When visitors ride on the hot air balloon, they will discover that the concrete jungle gradually fades away from sight. They will soon be greeted by the wonderful natural sights and magnificent agricultural architecture that the Napa Valley has to offer. They will gaze on the varieties of trees such as oak, bay and eucalyptus, as well as the well-arranged rows of green vines bearing precious grapes. Visitors will excitedly note the varying shades of green of the Napa Valley farms.

When tourists enjoy hot air ballooning in the summer sky, they will feel at peace with themselves and may become one with nature.

Are you ready to experience the Napa Valley from a Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon? Consider the Balloon & Wine Tour Package, where you begin the summer morning with a breathtaking view of the Valley by a hot air balloon flight. Afterwards, a delicious champagne brunch awaits you to enjoy, while you can continue to celebrate and reminisce about the wonderful hot air balloon flight that morning. What better way to spend a summer day?

If you want the natural beauty of the Napa Valley to unfold before your very eyes, book a reservation with Balloons Above the Valley for summertime hot air ballooning. This is an amazing and unique experience that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life.