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Celebrate Earth Day by Viewing It From a Hot Air Balloon in Napa​​​​​​​

It calls itself the world’s largest environmental movement and has set an ambitious goal: to diversify, educate, and motivate a worldwide commitment to improving the environment. Each year on April 22, Earth Day Network celebrates “Earth Day,” working in conjunction with its 50,000 partners in over 190 countries to build environmental democracy. Over a billion people now take part.

In the Napa Valley, Earth Day Napa and the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County will host a celebration that honors nature and teaches people how to protect Mother Earth.

If you’re heading to the festivities, why not make a weekend of it by including a hot air balloon Napa experience? There’s no better way to take in the area’s beautiful topography and lush hillsides than with a Napa hot air balloon ride.

History of Napa’s Gorgeous Terrain


Before taking off on your hot air balloon Napa flight, take a moment to learn a bit about what you’ll see from the sky. Napa Valley’s stunning landscapes are spread out over some quarter-million acres of land and include 45,000 acres of vineyards. Within its boundaries you’ll also find rolling hills, dense forests, and flower-strewn meadows.

Created over the course of 150 million years, Napa’s topography rests between the cold Pacific Ocean and the hot Central Valley, resulting in the ideal location for producing a variety of world-class wine grapes. The Vaca Range of mountains to the east and Mayacamas Mountains to the west are all visible during your hot air balloon Napa flight.

The knolls and hills you view from above were formed by huge mega slides from the Vacas and today they have the greatest effect on weather patterns in the area. As you leisurely glide over the beautiful terrain in your hot air balloon Napa, you’ll see the Lazy River following the valley’s tapered contour. Notice how the landscape changes as you follow its course. The south area is home to estuarine flats and peaceful hills while Mount St. Helena lies to the east.

Celebrate Earth Day in a Hot Air Balloon Napa

Though the vineyards are a popular tourist destination, the Napa Valley Vintners through its Napa Green program work together with environmental groups and government regulators to ensure the local environment is protected through programs like holistic management practices.

As you experience your hot air balloon Napa flights or packages, keep in mind how hard the locals work to protect the land below that you’re enjoying from above.

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Join us in celebrating the Earth and the beautiful landscapes of Napa Valley with a Napa hot air balloon ride!