It's Not Too Early to Plan Summer Vacations in Napa Valley

You can plan for summer vacations in Napa Valley anytime you want to, whether if it’s in the middle or late in the year before another summer occurs. One benefit of planning early is that you are able to take advantage of discounts before other people are even aware of them.

Contrary to common belief, planning early for a summer vacation in Napa is not as hard and daunting as you might think. As long as you plan carefully, hunt for discounts, and look beyond what’s mainstream, your vacation should be wonderful!

Summer is the peak time for Napa Valley tourism, and hotels aren’t really that cheap during this season. You might as well look for ways to save on your lodging expenses without sacrificing quality. For example, perhaps your credit card company offers special pricing at a particular hotel chain which leads you to great savings. Or if you belong to a certain company or organization, it would be great to know if they arrange travel and hotel deals for members. It won’t hurt to check with hotels to make sure that they don’t have “hidden charges” such as extra fees for parking or Wi-Fi. Trendy downtown Napa has the best places to stay for budget travelers.

If you don’t want to stay at a hotel, there are also great alternatives. There are several properties in Napa Valley that you can rent, such as charming homes with pretty gardens, mountain cabins, or spacious condos for vacation rentals. If you and your family like to “rough it,” there are several great camping sites and RV parks in the area such as the Napa Valley Expo RV Park, Enchanted Hills Retreat, and Skyline Wilderness Park. Summer is the perfect time to go camping, isn’t it?

If you’re all about the wines and visiting some of the over 400 wineries in Napa, look out for some discount coupons. Everyone hunts for them these days. No one can blame tourists for wanting discount coupons when most wineries charge $10 per person or more at few wineries. Look for coupons from accredited establishments in Napa Valley or download apps such as the Winery Finder app.

Summer is chockfull of outdoor activities in Napa, naturally. Aside from camping out, you can also do biking amidst the beautiful vineyards, swimming at several resorts and Lake Berryessa where you can also do a variety of extreme water sports or milder activities such fishing and boating. Check out several bike rentals across Napa as well as boat/jet ski rentals in Lake Berryessa.

It’s also great to plan an adventuresome summer vacation in Napa Valley. You may include a sunrise hot air balloon ride as one of your desired summer activities. And why not? It’s also a great way to escape all the crazy summer activities on ground near Napa Valley for a while. Although it’s a little frightening, the sheer pleasure and magic of riding on a hot air balloon is all worth it. It surely puts a thrill to your Napa Valley summer vacation!

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is the most trusted company tourists choose for their sunrise hot air balloon riding. With almost 40 years in the business and several awards and recommendations to its name, not to mention extremely satisfied clients, BATV keeps it commitment to provide satisfaction to guests who want to experience hot air balloon rides in Napa — any season of the year.

BATV offers you an experience that is beyond perfection. As we take you to literally greater heights in the sunrise morning, you will get to see a more heavenly view of the Napa Valley landscape. Neat rows of vineyards work like massive quilts in the rolling verdant hills, set against the clear blue morning sky. You will feel an otherworldly peace surround you as you float gently in the sky. Of course, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take pictures of the amazing beauty of the Napa Valley scenery below you.

Pre-flight hot and delicious breakfast and Starbucks coffee will perk you up before going to the hot air balloon site. A sumptuous seasonal post-flight brunch with sparkling wine will greet you and your party to celebrate the successful and amazing airborne journey. If quality and quantity matters to you, BATV offers packages that have more than just hot air balloon rides. We also offer shopping options, wine tours, comfortable transportation to and from downtown San Francisco, and other wonderful perks. These packages have set prices which will help you in deciding your budget. We have no extra charges so you will feel secure in booking your reservations with us. Check out our hot air balloon and wine tour packages:

Who says it’s too early to plan for a summer vacations in Napa Valley? Planning early will keep you from feeling the stress that other people usually experience when doing last-minute vacation preparations.