Early Morning Vacations in Napa Valley

A vacation in Napa Valley is every one’s dream. And there’s no greater place to wake up and have your morning rituals than in a gorgeous place of expansive fields and vineyards. You may not be a morning person, or you may have had a little too much fun that particular night. But once you’re in Napa Valley, you can’t wait to get up at the break of dawn just to witness the sun rising over the beautiful fields, hills, and valleys.

Here are some of the suggestions for the early risers in Napa Valley:

Go to the 3rd Street on the Napa riverfront. Here you will pass by a line of shops, restaurants, and cafes. You can also stop by the bridge to see the light change on the river.

If you’re the type who can’t start the day without a good cup of coffee, head on over to the Oxbow Public Market’s Ritual Coffee to get some java and freshly baked English muffins.

Travel to Alston Park on Dry Creek Road to watch the hot air balloons floating in the morning sky. If you’re walking your dog, too, head for the park’s off-leash dog area.

Or you may want to go to Yountville where there are plenty of things to do during the earlier part of the day. Take brisk walks along Yount Mill Road and explore the off-the-beaten paths route past the fields where cattle peacefully graze. Or do some investigation at the French Laundry’s restaurant garden to check which produce are in season. How about heading to Bouchon Bakery to buy some breakfast? But be sure to be very early before 9 am or else you will have a long wait.

If you’re staying in Calistoga, you may want to pick a cup of fresh coffee at the Yo el Rey Roasting Company and proceed for a short stride to the so-called “haunted mansion” which is located at the corner of West Myrtle and Spring streets.

If you’re staying in St. Helena, have breakfast by sampling from Gott’s Roadside’s new breakfast menu. Be sure to enjoy the Southern Sandwich and Smoked Chicken and Egg Tacos.

An early start in the Napa won’t be complete without touring the wineries. However, it is best to plan a reservation with the wineries you plan to visit, and it’s essential to plan it beforehand.

Early risers will be the luckiest to see the gorgeous valleys from another point of view — way up in the sky! The best way to see it is through riding a hot air balloon. Mornings are the best time to ride the balloon as the winds are cool and gentle. Floating several thousand feet above the ground, view the spectacular landscape from a bird’s eye view — neat rows or grapevines now looking like quilts, the rolling hills, valleys and rivers, greeting the first rays of the sun. It will be an experience you won’t soon forget!

Before you take what can be the ride of a lifetime, how about some breakfast with fresh coffee and pastries to start your day?

And after you’ve just had a successful and breathtaking sunrise hot air balloon flight, celebrate it with your friends with a lovely, delicious brunch with champagne.

And where you can find that? Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), the pioneer of hot air balloon tours in Napa Valley. BATV will make your mornings extra special, magical and memorable from start to finish. Our pilots are fully experienced and enthusiastic, and will put you at ease as the balloon floats in the sky.

Plan a sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour package which offers more than just the rides. You will be surprised by the variety of activities there!

Being up early in the morning in the gorgeous Napa Valley is a reward itself. Having the freshest breakfast, seeing these beautiful places greeting the faint glow of the sunrise, and having a hot air balloon flight will make your early morning vacations in Napa Valley truly magical and unforgettable.