Don’t Miss Out on Hot Air Balloon Rides Near San Francisco

A very popular attraction in Northern California is hot air balloon rides near San Francisco. Hot Air Balloons are popular amongst those who live and visit this region for many reasons. Northern California is one of the most popular places to participate in this alluring activity.

There are quite a few options to consider when you are looking for the right hot air balloon experience during your visit to the San Francisco area. These include options for packages, destinations, and schedule times. Balloons Above the Valley is known for offering the best hot air balloon rides.

The hot air balloon experience offers magnificence through flight. The beauty and peace you will experience on a hot air balloon ride is likely to surprise you. The silence of floating far above the noises of earth is amazing, and the intermittent burst of the fire to keep the balloon’s air at the proper temperature is the only noise. Of course, there may also be comments from your pilot and fellow riders as the only other things likely to break the silence. The time spent floating serenely through the sky is sure to be something you will not soon forget. Don’t forget to take photos to help preserve the memory for future generations.

Whether there are clouds in the sky or whether you float through an expanse of clear blue, the sights that scroll slowly below you will be breathtaking. You will see mountains, vineyards and fields, among other things. Your pilot will know the area and be able to point out places of interest.

As far as fellow riders, that is another option to choose for or against. You can choose to have only your family or group on the ride by booking an exclusive flight, or you can choose a ride that is shared with other riders. Balloons Above the valley owns several balloons, all of which carry different size baskets. The baskets carry anywhere from 2- 20 passengers per basket.

If you prefer a more private setting, there are balloons that can be reserved for two. This is a great idea for a date, honeymoon, anniversary or other special occasion. Some people plan to “pop the question” during the balloon ride.

It is a long-held tradition that, at the conclusion of a hot air balloon journey, no matter how long or short, there is a celebration with champagne. Balloons Above the Valley offers two brunch locations, both of which offer complimentary champagne!

The entire experience, from the time you meet in the morning until after the destination brunch when you are delivered back to your starting point, will take about four hours. You will probably agree that it is one of the best experiences of your life when you take time to experience hot air balloon rides near San Francisco.