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San Francisco neighbors the famous Napa Valley, one of the premiere wine regions not only in America but also in the whole world. Wine tours in San Francisco are one of the must-do things visitors should include when they’re in the region.

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers tourists exciting hot air balloon and wine tour packages. These amazing packages are also within the tourists’ budget, a plus for them when they decide to include wine tours in San Francisco as part of their itinerary.

Here are BATV’s wine tour packages:

1. Balloon and Wine Tour Package

Visitors will not only enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the glorious Napa Valley, but they will also get to visit the wineries themselves. There, tourists will discover the process of wine-making from grapes to glass. A picnic-style lunch with a delicious menu will be served to the guests. The great thing about this package is that people can have the option to visit the wineries right after their hot air balloon flight adventure, or take their wine tours on the next day. Please see Balloon & Wine Tour Package for more details.

2. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Package

For this package, tourists will discover wineries in Napa and Sonoma for two glorious days. On the first day, visitors will be taken from the San Francisco city proper to these wineries in the comfort of a limo bus. Once on board they will enjoy their breakfast along with a mimosa (a drink consisting of one part champagne and one part fruit juice, usually orange juice). This package also allows them the opportunity to have the photo op overlooking the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Visitors then tour the diverse wineries of Sonoma and Napa as well as have olive oil and wine tasting opportunities.

On the second day of the wine tour package, visitors will have the ride of their lives — on the hot air balloon! The tour plan is just similar to the Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch package. Visitors will be treated with coffee & pastries and a brief orientation before settling in for their hot air balloon flight. Once the hot air balloon is up in the clear, crisp morning sky, visitors will take in the sunrise and appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of the Napa Valley landscape. After the flight, tourists head to the Champagne Brunch celebration where they share their just-concluded hot air balloon experience over a fresh seasonal brunch complimented with Domaine Chandon champagne.

Hot air balloon flights are one of the best ways to enhance the average wine tours in San Francisco that most visitors experience. Visitors will also appreciate the warm hospitality and service by the BATV staff that will make them want to come back again.