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Many Visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area would like to add wine tasting and Hot Air Ballooning to their itinerary. These visitors are in luck, The Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world to fly in a hot air balloon and is the closest place to San Francisco to do so. (see this article The wineries and vineyards in the Bay Area, particularly Napa Valley and Sonoma region, are among the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Visiting these wineries certainly is one of most recommended things to do while in San Francisco. However, how you arrive at the wineries can make all the difference. Balloons Above the Valley has partnered with Napa Valley Wine Country Tours to tailor a package specifically designed for guests who are visiting the San Francisco bay area and would like to venture out to wine country. Discover hot air balloon rides in Napa Valley with the Balloons Above the Valley San Francisco Tour Package.

One of the most popular and in-demand ways to explore the true beauty of the Napa Valley is through riding a hot air balloon. Imagine yourself floating above the valley in a hot air balloon at dawn, and looking down on beautifully arranged rows of grapevines — the experience is sure to be unforgettable.

You do have the option to drive all the way to the Valley in a rented car but that would be an inconvenient risk since you will do a lot of exploring and wine tasting while visiting. You may want to ride on the hot air balloon but you don’t wish to wake up ridiculously early to drive from the city to the Valley to make the early morning meeting time.

This is precisely why Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers this ultimate package that is more than just a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Napa Valley.

Balloon’s Above the Valley’s San Francisco Balloon & Wine Tour Package costs $836.50 per two passengers. For this price, visitors can experience the ultimate luxury and convenience that Napa Valley is known for.

This package includes luxury transportation inside a limousine tour bus that takes tourists to the Valley. They will be treated with lavish meals that include a continental breakfast (with mimosa drink) and a lovely picnic lunch at the winery. Sightseeing in and around the Valley lends endless possibilities: these itineraries include a stop at vista points in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a visit to two wineries in Sonoma and two also in Napa (but tasting fees are not included in the package), as well as a vineyard and production tour at one of the wineries.

Visitors can stay at any hotel of their preference — it can be a bed and breakfast establishment, or accommodation in nearby Downtown Napa, or even a larger resort. It’s all up to the visitors on where they’d like to stay. The following morning Balloons Above the Valley’s transportation service will pick them up from the hotel for their hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Following their flight, guests are treated to a champagne brunch. This brunch is a great opportunity for guests to mingle with their fellow passengers and reminisce on the experience they all just shared.

After the champagne brunch, tourists may return to their hotels. Or if they still have the time and energy to spare, they can also visit several nearby outlets or the Oxbow Public Market. Visitors then will be driven to the ferry terminal in Vallejo. The ferry sails the tourists back to the city. Ferry tickets are, of course, also included in the package.

The hot air balloon and wine tour package lasts for two days. Hot air balloon rides in Napa Valley have never been better if tourists avail themselves to our package. BATV endeavors to make every visitor feel privileged, and every hot air balloon ride we offer should be a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.