Discover What to Do in Napa Valley on Your Next Visit

You have visited a few wineries and tasted a few wine samples. You have wined and dined at the best restaurants, and hit a few trails along the vineyards with your bike. You’ve taken many photos of the gorgeous Napa Valley scenery. To sum it up, your first visit there was wonderful and you want to go to come back and discover what to do in Napa Valley the next time you visit there.

Many people have come back to the Napa Valley for the same reasons — wine, food, and scenery, which are the top things that the wine region has to offer. However, there are a lot more things in Napa Valley that you may not have done yet. Why not try to blend in with the locals on your next visit by taking part in their festivities? The Napa Valley and nearby San Francisco celebrate different festivals throughout the year, held by the locals of different ethnic communities.

There are other festivals and other events that you can enjoy if you love things such as music, food, and of course, wine! These three blend well in Napa Valley where you can feel the cultural and artistic vibe. If you still can, catch live world-class chamber music at the Music in the Vineyards during summer months, which are held right at the wineries!

When you have the luxury of time and money to spend a longer vacation in the Napa Valley, you may wish to participate in more activities and something you can definitely learn and put to use. Consider enrolling in short cooking courses such as Cooking with Julie or Cooking Class – Flavors of Napa Valley to get more focused and hands-on instructions. Next time you will definitely want to surprise your loved ones by whipping up a mean Duroc pork with black pepper gravy or fig tempura with peanut butter!

Or if you want to improve your artistic flair, you can enroll in classes that have dance, theater, and voice workshops. These are offered year round at several schools. One of the venues is the Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater, where local and international experts will boost your talents. If you want to learn about farm life, ecology and sustainability, as well as appreciate Mother Nature more, learn it first hand at several ranches around the Valley. The Connolly Ranch is one example of a ranch where you can take your whole family!

Hot air ballooning is one of the things that you will want to do on your next visit to the Napa Valley, in case you haven’t done it before. It will be an adventure you won’t forget, but at the same time, a gently pleasing experience. If you haven’t been on a hot air balloon, this might sound intimidating, even scary, at first. But you don’t have to worry! As long you choose as Balloons Above the Valley (BATV), you will be in safe hands and will immensely enjoy your flight!

You have seen the beauty of the Napa Valley before, but have you seen it from up in the sky? By riding a hot air balloon from BATV, our experienced pilots will guide you safely from takeoff to landing. You will no longer feel your initial fears; instead, you will even pretend to be an explorer, with all the wonderful sights to behold. From the sky, you will see the neat patchwork of grapevines and the rolling hills that change from emerald green to golden, depending on the season. The beautiful expanse of the Napa Valley will be enveloped by the morning sunshine, exposing more of its beauty. You will feel like an explorer from centuries back where hot air balloons were then the only mode of air transportation. You will not want to miss bringing your binoculars and cameras!

Balloons Above the Valley doesn’t only provide safe and enjoyable flights, but they also provide you with fresh and delicious pre-flight breakfasts, sumptuous seasonal champagne brunch, and luxury transportation to and from San Francisco, wine tours, shopping, and much more! If you want to have a special experience the next time you visit Napa Valley, we also do weddings, proposals, and exclusive tours. For more information, check out our sunrise hot air balloon rides and wine tour packages, their respective rates and reservations at

With all the possibilities mentioned, now you have the idea what to do in Napa Valley on your next visit! Hot air ballooning is definitely one of the things you’d love to do in your ensuing visits to this beautiful, world-class wine region in California!