Discover Fun at These Things to Do In the Bay Area
Does your family want fun things to do in the Bay Area? People visiting the Bay Area often look for beautiful sights, amazing landscapes, and great things to do. There’s no way someone will become bored in the Bay Area because there so many incredibly fun (as well as educational and thought-provoking) things to do and see in the region. Discover fun and excitement at these things to do in the Bay Area and you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re going on a holiday with the family, the Bay Area would be a great place to start. Whether you’re having a blast going to attractions such Discovery Kingdom and Great America, or you are content in the simple joys of riding a carousel, amusement parks give hours of endless fun for the kids and the kids-at-heart.

The Bay Area also offers several zoos, farms, and wildlife centers that you and your family will enjoy and also learn from. Well-known zoos in the area are the San Francisco Zoo, Oakland Zoo, Happy Hollow, Kennedy Park, and Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. The area also boasts several aquariums that showcase the beauty of marine life, as well as farms, ranches, and fields for horseback riding. Many of these places strive to preserve the natural beauty of the Bay, as well as the wildlife that lives in them.

Can fun and culture co-exist happily? Yes! In fact, one of the great things in the Bay Area is the smorgasbord of cultures that its denizens have the opportunity to come in contact with almost on a daily basis.

It’s not a surprise, then that the Bay Area boasts some excellent cultural centers that will educate tourists. These centers also entertain and encourage visitors to celebrate different cultures. The Bay Area has cultural centers such as The Contemporary Jewish Museum, Japantown, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Marin Museum of the American Indian, and so much more. Being a melting pot of cultures, the Bay Area’s foreign communities also celebrate their own festivals like Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Nikkei Matsuri Festival, and the Belmont Greek Festival, among many others.

Hot air balloon rides will surely give dashes of fun, adventure, and excitement to anyone visiting the area. A great place to do this is over the Napa Valley, famous for its world-class wineries and unbeatable natural scenery. A number hot air ballooning companies will vie for your attention, but Balloons Above The Valley (BATV) is the one that many tourists recommend.

Balloons Above the Valley is a pioneer in the hot air balloon industry in the Bay Area’s famous wine region, the Napa Valley. Well, it’s not only the star — the balloon rides themselves — that makes visitors come back for more, but there is so much more fun that BATV offers those who ride with them.

We won’t allow you to go hot air ballooning with an empty, cold stomach. Our pre-flight breakfast consists of freshly brewed coffee, pastries, and bagels. This will help you become excited for the hot air balloon ride. Once you’re transported to the hot air ballooning site, the thrill intensifies!

Hot air balloon flights can be done in any season in Napa Valley. As you are up in the cool, calm morning air, you will see the neat, green rows of grapevines, as well as trees and other foliage in the summer. While in the autumn, you will delight at the colors of yellow, orange, and red in the landscape below you. You will be awed by the emerald green hills and vivid yellow wild mustard blooms that envelop the valley in the winter and spring.

BATV ensures your continuous enjoyment while you’re up in the air. Our seasoned pilots will conduct the safest flights you’ll ever have. They have you in good, experienced, and safe hands.

You will enjoy the views and wish that this airborne journey never ends, but you find yourself hungry. Not to worry, BATV won’t let you end this journey with a growling stomach. We offer those flying with us a delicious post-flight seasonal brunch with champagne. Enjoy the best-tasting meats, freshest fruits and vegetables, and of course the Domain Chandon champagne. Enjoy the yummy, delectable brunch while you and your friends talk about how immensely fun and spectacular your flight has been!

BATV offers lots of fun to our dear guests — we have several hot air balloon packages and wine tours around the Napa Valley. Discovery about winemaking, wine tasting and olive oil tasting, picnic brunches — BATV offers them, too!

Some of our packages leave an option for tourists to go back to the San Francisco city proper by ferry right after the post-flight brunch, or to do some last-minute shopping before going back to the city. If you intend to shop, BATV will drop you off to Oxbow Public Market (which boasts artisanal and local foodstuffs and wines, as well as a number of dining options) or Napa Valley Premium Outlets (where you can shop for designer and name brands at affordable prices).

BATV also offers packages for groups and corporate tours, proposals and weddings, as well as exclusive flights. Kids can also enjoy the sunrise hot air balloon flights as long as they are at least 40 inches tall. Check out our packages and their respective rates here:

There are so many fun things to do in the Bay Area, for young and old. You are guaranteed to enjoy the best of the city life, natural beauty, culture, gastronomic delights, and fun in the Bay Area. For the ultimate fun, take a hot air balloon ride! Choose Balloons Above the Valley for the safest, most enjoyable, and most memorable hot air balloon rides over the Valley.