Costs for Napa Wine Tour Packages

As you do with any other travel package, you should take costs for Napa wine tour packages into consideration as part of your planning. When you think of vacations in Napa Valley, you most likely don’t want to choose only super cheap activities, but money most likely will be something to keep track of while visiting. Times have really changed since you last drove up and down Highway 29 on an impulse and come to wineries to sample wines for free.

Nowadays, you really need to carry some currency before you drive to the wine country, as almost everything comes with a (high) price! But you do not have to worry about being cash-strapped in the end as long as you know the costs beforehand — this will help you make decisions and adjust your budget.

You can find some cost-effective wine tours packages in Napa. You may consult Napa Valley Reservations to help you arrange a wide variety of tours packages with organized itineraries with a fixed price per head. Score the best hotel deals, worry-free tasting at several wineries, customized winery tours that will fit your budget, and even hot air balloon flights over Napa Valley. For instance, their “Hidden Gem Wine Tour” lets you explore off-the-beaten-track wineries on an RV car for only $110 per head, or tour in style with a chauffeured limousine for $125 per passenger, or hot air balloon rides for $205 per head.

For those who do not wish to take a car to get around wine country, you may choose a wine train tour package. Napa Valley Wine Train takes you back in time as you go aboard  magnificently-restored turn-of-the-century rail cars that run on 25 miles in the heart of the valley. Napa Valley Wine Train offers diversified and amazing packages, all of which include a three-hour train ride around the wine country. Many of these packages include a one- or two-nights stay at a hotel, gourmet lunch, wine tasting, and the train ride starting at $424 to $631, depending on the duration of the hotel stay. For first time travelers or those wanting worry-free tours, couples can score a $529 a night at a luxurious hotel, multiple course gourmet lunch, wine tours and wine tasting, and a three-hour wine train. Not bad.

A lot of travelers dream of riding a hot air balloon over the peerless Napa Valley landscape, but may have second thoughts because they are thinking about the costs. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) has amazing hot air balloon and tour guide packages which carry fixed, affordable rates. Whichever you want to do — just going for the hot air balloon rides or going for additional wine tours, BATV has them for you:

1. Sunrise flight and brunch ($209 per passenger) – pre-flight breakfast, sunrise hot air balloon flight, and post-flight champagne brunch celebration.

2. Sunrise balloon flight/champagne brunch/wine tour ($608 for two persons) – pre-flight breakfast, sunrise hot air balloon flight, post-flight champagne brunch celebration, six-hour wine tour, and picnic lunch at one of the wineries.

3. San Francisco Balloon and Wine Tour Packages ($836 for two persons, for two days) – transfer from San Francisco to the wine country, go on a seven-hour wine tour inside a chauffeured bus limo, on-board continental breakfast with mimosa, stop for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, visits to two wineries each in Napa and Sonoma, picnic lunch at one of the wineries, pre-flight breakfast, sunrise hot air balloon flight, post-flight champagne brunch celebration, option for shopping and sightseeing, transfer back to San Francisco via ferry.

4. Chase and brunch ($40 per chase and brunch, for those who do not wish to ride the hot air balloon ride) – pre-flight breakfast, following the balloon on the ground, post-flight champagne brunch celebration (brunch only is also available).

As long as you have accurate information on the costs for Napa Wine tour packages, such as Balloon Above the Valley’s sunrise hot air balloon and wine tour packages, they will definitely help you in adjusting your budget. Contacting the operators before you visit will help you get an idea of their tour packages as well as learn what is included and what is not included in these rates.