Choose Balloons Above the Valley for Fun Activities in Napa

There are many fun activities in Napa Valley especially during the spring and summer season. This little area near San Francisco, California is one of the world’s premiere wine regions. It boasts the thriving vineyards, the beautiful scenery, and some of the world’s best food and wine. Crowds flock to visit the vineyards, take winery tours, sip the finest wines, dine at several top restaurants, check out the farmers’ markets, attend music and food festivals and so much more.

The numbers of tourists arrive to the valley during those peak seasonal months. Encountering all those overflowing picnics, packed restaurants, and all of the Napa rush, you may feel that it’s not fun anymore. You may want to get away from them all, even for just a while. Fortunately, you can still savor the beautiful Napa scenery without getting troubled by crowds and other inconveniences — by enjoying a hot-air balloon ride.

Enjoying the gorgeous Napa Valley landscape while on a hot-air balloon during sunrise will be the highest point of your visit. Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers you and other tourists exciting hot air balloon and wine tour packages. These amazing packages are also great for your budget. It is a plus for you when you decide to include wine tours in San Francisco as part of your itinerary. There are many ways you can enjoy the beautiful expanse of the Napa Valley through the following BATV packages:

1. Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch
Tourists start the day right by enjoying Starbucks coffee and freshly baked goodies. A brief orientation follows. Afterwards, visitors can go straight to the hot air balloon launch site where they can witness the balloons being inflated. Then they can enter the hot air balloon and begin their adventure! They will enjoy sightseeing the lovely Napa vineyards and overall natural beauty bathed in glowing sunrise while riding the balloon on cool, crisp morning air. Upon landing, tourists will have post-flight treats with Domain Chandon champagne and fresh, delectable seasonal brunch while reminiscing about their exhilarating hot air balloon experience.

2. San Francisco Wine and Tour Packages
Visitors will discover wineries in both Napa and Sonoma. On the first day, they will be taken from San Francisco proper to these famed wineries in luxury transportation. While on board, they will be treated with breakfast and a mimosa drink. On the first day of the package tour, tourists will also have a photo-op overlooking the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. While touring the diverse Napa and Sonoma wineries they will also have wine tasting and olive oil tasting opportunities.

On the second day, the visitors will have the ride of their lives — the hot air balloon! The itinerary is similar to the Sunrise Balloon Flight and Champagne Brunch package. After the exhilarating morning ride and sightseeing on the beautiful Napa expanse, tourists head to the Champagne Brunch celebration where they dine a fresh and yummy seasonal brunch and Domain Chandon while reliving that one-of-a-kind hot air balloon ride experience. This wonderful two-day discovery of the Napa and Sonoma wineries highlighted by the hot air balloon ride is available only through Balloons Above the Valley.

2. Balloon and Wine Tour Package
Tourists will have the chance not only to have a glorious sightseeing adventure, but will view the Napa Valley while riding on a hot air balloon. They will also get to discover the process of wine-making. This package includes a visit to the wineries where tourists will get to see how wine is made, from grapes to the glass. A picnic-style lunch follows where visitors are treated to the delicious menu. The great thing about this package is that people can choose to visit the wineries right after their hot air balloon flight adventure, or take their wine tours on the next day.

4. Chase and brunch
Some people want to see the beauty of the Napa Valley but choose not to ride on the hot air balloon. In this package, the other party members take to the sky in the hot air balloon ride while you follow them from the ground, along with the BATV staff. Pre-flight breakfast and post-flight brunch is also included in the package. This package is available to only one guest for each flying passenger.

Among the other fun activities in Napa Valley, the hot air balloon ride is the most unique activity to do in the area. BATV guarantees that you will have an unforgettable ride of your life — eyeing the natural beauty of the Valley aloft on a hot air balloon on a cool, calm morning. Visitors will also appreciate the warm hospitality and top service by the BATV staff that will have them coming back for more.