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As you might expect, weekends are the busiest days in Napa Valley. Beginning the afternoon on Friday, the fun-loving, adventure-seeking crowds start to arrive, anxiously anticipating stimulating outdoor activities, great food, thrilling entertainment, and, of course, great wines.

The weather is excellent, and the scenery is phenomenal.

Why not enjoy Napa Valley during the week, when the crowds are somewhat sparser, allowing the businesses and communities to be even more accommodating? Not only will you “beat the crowd” with shorter lines and more readily available reservations, but you can also enjoy ample discounts and even Happy Hours that are not available on Saturdays.

There are even more reasons to come to Napa Valley during the week.

Reasons to Come to Napa Valley During the Week

  • Relax More

Restaurant, pool time, the Napa Valley Wine Train, and local watering hole visits are more relaxing when there are no long lines. Stay longer, enjoy the scenery and conversation, and relax with an excellent wine or craft beer.

  • Save Big on Your Hotel Rooms

As you might expect, hotel rates in Napa Valley are most expensive for Friday through Sunday stays. All the major hotels are offering mid-week specials to lure visitors to visit during those not-so-busy weekdays. In some cases, resorts include such perks as free spa visits, cabana rentals, discounted laundry, and more. Your chances of an upgraded room improve during the week, and in a few places, a complimentary bottle of Napa Valley wine will await your arrival.

  • Live Entertainment

Enjoy the mid-week live entertainment at some of Napa Valley’s favorite venues. Places like BeBubbly, Grill 29, and jaM Cellars feature top-notch entertainment on select evenings during the week. Live performances at the Uptown Theater may also feature some high-quality entertainment during the week.

  • Hot Air Balloon Rides over Napa Valley

Balloons Above the Valley offers hot air balloon Napa Valley rides every day. Not surprisingly, these thrilling and safe hot air balloon flights tend to book up on weekends, but space on these flights are typically more available during a weekday experience. A marvelous way to greet any day, a spectacular Napa Valley balloons experience floating gently above the incomparable landscape and vineyards of the Valley will never be forgotten. Reserving your weekday flight before the crowds arrive will be a great introduction to Napa Valley for your friends and family.

  • Cheaper Flights

If you come from somewhere outside the Bay Area, know that airline flights, in general, are less expensive for Tuesday and Wednesday travel, while Friday and Sunday are always the most costly.

The Message: Come to Napa Valley during the weekdays to Do More in Less Time at Lower Cost.

Reserve Your Weekday Flight with Balloons Above the Valley

As mentioned, Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon flights over Napa Valley are frequently fully reserved during the weekends.

To book your Napa Valley balloon rides on Balloons Above the Valley or purchase a Gift certificate for a future flight, visit the website. There you will learn more about the flight and all the health and safety procedures for your experience.

If you have questions about the experience, you can phone the Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon Napa Valley experts at +1-800-464-6824.