Celebrating Fourth of July 2018 | Balloons Above The Valley - Napa Valley Balloons

The Fourth of July is a celebration of Independence. It’s a time to spend with loved ones watching fireworks, attending parades and celebrating freedom. At Balloons Above the Valley, we fly our Napa Valley balloons and enjoy this day from the sky. Let’s dive into this American Holiday and see just how it came to be as well as what you can do in Napa Valley.

A Little History

During the 1700s, the United States was made up of colonies that were actually an extension of Britain. However, settlers from Britain in the colonies had differing views, religions, and interests from the folks in Britain. This caused a rift between Britain and America as the British government started taxing the American settlers. Long story short? Taxing folks in America without giving them a voice in British parliament didn’t go over very well (ergo: “no taxation without representation”). The American Revolution exploded and eventually the Declaration of Independence was drafted by John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman. All 13 colonies supported this declaration and it was fully adopted on July 4, 1776.july-4-hot-air-balloon-napa


Now, we celebrate this declaration on July 4 each year. Parades, fireworks and an overall patriotism takes over the country. So, what can you do in Napa Valley to commemorate this day?

Between 10am-10pm, Napa will be hosting an all-day event. Check out the parade on 2nd and 3rd street from 10am-12pm. Watch our hometown heroes such as Napa County Sheriffs, fire department, Boys & Girls Club, and more parade throughout the streets as excited families observe this marvelous event. Perhaps you might see a float with a few Napa Valley balloons – keep your eye out.

The Napa Lights Event will also take place at the Oxbow after 5pm. A Kid Zone and music performances will be featured. Learn more here.

The fireworks, our favorite part, will begin at 9:30pm. Veteran’s Park, Oxbow Commons, and the Riverfront Promenade will have the best views.

What To Do Before the All-Day Event Starts?

Join the hot air balloon rides Napa style of course! Our Napa Valley balloons will be flying early in the morning. Celebrate with us in the sky on our hot air balloon rides Napa adventures. Glide on our Napa Valley balloons across the sky and make this July 4th the most memorable!

We offer hot air balloon rides Napa adventures with packages such as a Champagne brunch. Thinking of adding a wine tour? Our hot air balloon rides Napa style include a wine tour package! Feel the breeze and the celebratory air on our Napa Valley balloons this Fourth of July!