National Wine Day is May 25! Explore Wine Tour + Hot Air Balloon Rides | Balloons Above The Valley

Visit, Soar, and Enjoy. Wine is an integral part of human history, culture, and enjoyment for centuries. And, since May 25 is the official National Wine Day, celebrate wine’s contribution to life with hot air balloon rides Napa Valley followed by a wine tour. After all, Napa is the wine industry’s paradise: see it from high above and then enjoy a tour on the ground.

Why Celebrate National Wine Day?

“Why not?” would be the natural response for many. The month of May is home to many perhaps minor celebrations including National Crepe Suzette Day, National Hoagie Day, National Butterscotch Brownie Day, and, yes, even National Crouton Day. For most of us, Wine Day is a standout!

Consider booking your Wine Day weekend beginning Friday, May 25. For the best introductory experience, reserve hot air balloon rides Napa with Balloons Above the Valley for a relaxing, yet breathtaking experience. You can even book a wine tour as part of these hot air balloon rides Napa Valley offers – check out this package.

Brief Look at Napa’s Wine Industry

Napa Valley is not just another pretty place. The climate and soils are among the best in the world for viniculture. In the early 19th Century when George Calvert Yount arrived, he observed that area was rife with wild grapes. Soon after, in 1839, he planted the first Napa Valley grapes. Before the end of the century, well-known wineries opened including Schramsberg (1862), Beringer (1876), and Inglenook (1879).

The 1944 creation of Napa Valley Vintners Association led to a more focused development of the regional industry. The association numbers over 500 members today.

The critical breakthrough that bolstered Napa’s global wine credibility was receiving highest honors in blind comparative tastings at the Paris Tasting in 1976. To appreciate the scope of the business, book one of Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon rides Napa and see these aazign wineries and vineyards from up above.

balloon rides napaFly, Dine, and Taste

Drift among the clouds and view the incredible landscape with one of Balloons Above the Valley hot air balloon rides Napa packages. While the thrill of soaring above the Valley is a terrific way to begin your adventure, wine tasting at world-class wineries, visiting historic places, biking or hiking the trails, and attending the annual Auction Napa Valley are a few of the activities. The 100 or more lots sold at the Auction generate proceeds to help support numerous charities and non-profits dedicated to community health and education.

Reserve One of the Best Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Offers

Be the envy of others and celebrate Wine Day weekend in style by soaring above the Valley, enjoying a delicious meal, and beginning your unique wine tasting tour. Balloons Above the Valley offers several hot air balloon rides in Napa to choose.