Can You Ride a Balloon During a Honeymoon in Napa Valley?

Make your honeymoon in Napa Valley interesting by including more fun and enriching activities that will bond you closer together as a new husband and wife.

Napa Valley’s idyllic landscape certainly provides a romantic backdrop. In addition, there are wineries about, of course, and the luxurious hotels and other amenities that make the California wine region a favorite among honeymooners. Not surprisingly, many celebrity couples have taken their honeymoons in the beautiful wine region.

But honeymooners may not be aware whether or not they can ride a hot air balloon in Napa Valley. The good news, yes, they can, of course! With Napa’s boundless countryside charm, its mild climate, as well as its mostly gentle, friendly winds, it’s the perfect setting for a hot air balloon riding adventure.

Since the 18th century, hot air balloons have been enjoying the momentum and given honeymooners whole new, different perspectives on some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world like the Napa Valley. Besides, it is one of the most relaxing and most satisfying ways to view the beautiful scenery.

The usual wine tours just go on and on when you’re having a toast with your loved one on the patio. However, seeing the scenery from thousands of feet above the ground will make couples appreciate more of the lush, leafy vineyards and the rolling hills that encompass Napa Valley.

Maybe you can also pop a bottle of champagne and toast with the gorgeous scenery in the background. A toast for the new chapter of your lives, as well as the toast for a successful hot air balloon flight. Floating up in the air might be symbolic that your romance has taken a significantly higher step…what a unique and memorable way to celebrate your newly-wedded life!

Do you plan to include a hot air balloon ride to your wine tours and honeymoon? You don’t have to about it much because Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) offers you more fun things to do in Napa Valley.

Apart from the sunrise hot air balloon rides, you and your new spouse will also get to enjoy wine tours in Napa and Sonoma, buffet-style picnic lunches, luxurious limousine transportation, wine-tastings, pre-flight breakfasts and post-flight brunch with sparkling wine, and a lot more, depending on the tour package you choose. If you want your ballooning adventure more intimate, choose our Exclusive package where you will enjoy the basket space all to yourselves (except for the pilot, of course) and a private table at our champagne brunch.

Of course, you can ride a balloon during a honeymoon in Napa Valley! Enjoying a hot air balloon ride over the lovely Napa Valley scenery will definitely set the tone for romance! Gain lovely memories to last for a lifetime by choosing to fly with us at Balloons Above the Valley.