Best Time of the Year for Vacations in Napa Valley

The best time to have vacations in Napa Valley depends on the season you want to enjoy. People have their own preferences. The weather is typically mild and wineries are open year-round, even in the winter months, so you can visit the Wine Country in any season you deem fit.

Napa Valley is at the peak of tourism especially during the spring and summer months. February is truly the start of the spring season in Napa, and July is officially the beginning of the summer there. During the summer Napa Valley’s tourist numbers reach to their peak, so it’s not surprising that it has the most number of exciting festivals during the season such as food, music and art festivals. More people will be doing outdoor activities such as swimming at pools of resorts, or participating in exciting water sports on Lake Berryessa. Hues of green proliferate in the vineyards, the valleys and the hills.

Hotels and lodgings, wineries and restaurants will be filled with tourists — and this could be a problem unless you’ve already booked a reservation or scheduled a winery visit ahead of time. Hotel operators may also take advantage of the tourism peak by raising their rates. Too many crowds would also mean heavy traffic on the roads leading to Napa Valley.

So if you want to avoid the rush and exorbitant hotel rates, why not go in the winter instead? A lot of tourists have sworn that winter is the best time to visit the wine region. This normally occurs from December to January. Room rates are usually reduced during the lowest time of Napa’s tourism, from 40% down to 50%. Instead of the snowy encounter, winter in Napa Valley consists of sunny (but chilly) days and some rain showers. Winter season also means a more laid-back time to visit the wineries and tasting rooms, without the distracting crowds and noises. You have practically all the time and the vineyards to yourself. If it’s raining, it’s going to be a perfect excuse to enjoy sips of wine while snugly sitting by the fireplace.

Wintertime is when Napa boasts its most brilliant colors. Bright yellow wild mustard blooms overwhelm the dormant vineyards, and are backed by the vivid verdant hills. Who says wintertime in the Napa Valley is boring and listless? Certainly not anyone who has ever visited the area during winter!

Other people have said that fall (from September to November) is the perfect season to visit Napa Valley. It is the time when the grapes have fully ripened and are ready to be harvested, crushed and made into wines. A lot of festivals and events are related to the grape and fruit picking as well as grape stomping. These events encourage tourists to stomp the grapes in large wooden buckets and basins, and visitors are happy with the experience!

Many people swear that the Napa Valley is at its most beautiful during the fall. As the grapes ripen, the vineyards’ foliage changes colors from golden to fiery red, and the same goes for many trees. Most grasslands, hills and valleys remain green throughout the season but some of them turn into yellow.

Whatever seasons you choose, make sure to include hot air balloon flights as part of your traveling agenda in the Wine Country. Riding a hot air balloon will enable you to see the beauty of the countryside in a way that even viewing the vineyards from a hilltop winery won’t equal. Plus, it will give you a kind of serenity that you’ve never felt before.

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So when is the best time of the year for vacations in Napa Valley? Really, it’s up to you! All four seasons in the Wine Country are truly beautiful and unique in their own way.