Hot Air Ballooning in Napa Valley | Balloons Above the Valley

Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) is your hot air ballooning operator in Napa Valley, Napa County, California. From its humble beginnings, it rose majestically to become one of the best hot air balloon aviation companies in the country — just as its hot air balloons rise majestically over the lush Napa fields.

Weathering factors such as competition, trends, and changing preferences from the clients, BATV is still flying high after 40 years — and counting.

Tracing back to BATV’s roots in 1976, it was borne out of an idea by a man named Bob Barbarick who envisioned a completely different level of entertaining guests through leisurely hot air balloon flights over Napa Valley. His own ideas that hot air balloons would be a major attraction in the world-renowned California wine region would be materialized. And the realization of his dreams has become much bigger than he thought: hot air balloons have now become an iconic presence in Napa Valley.

BATV would not be there up to now — and would not have established its reputation as the premier hot air balloon company in North California — if not for its painstaking attention to detail, high-quality aircraft, experienced and licensed pilots, high safety standards, and reputable customer-oriented service. BATV’s commitment to excellence has helped the company maintain its prominence in the hot air balloon industry in Napa.

It’s also worth mentioning about BATV’s popular hot air balloon and wine tours packages that give the majority of Napa tourists the chance to experience the luxury that they can afford.

The overwhelmingly positive testimonials from our clients, and the latest commendation from TripAdvisor via the “Certificate of Excellence,” are the major reasons for us to keep going for the past 40 years. And because we know we just cannot rest on our laurels, so to speak, there’s always room for us to improve and to grow, all in the name of giving you continuously high-quality service that you deserve.

It is certainly a pleasure and honor for all of us from Balloons Above the Valley to provide a unique experience during a visit to Napa Valley, that our guests will certainly remember for a lifetime. Giving our guests safety and rewarding, memorable experience has been our top priority since day one, and that will undoubtedly remain our top priority for another 40 years of hot air ballooning to come!