Arrive at a Napa Valley Wine Tour In Style

One of the fun attractions available when you visit northern California is a Napa Valley wine tour. There are many different tours available, and some include different modes of transportation. One of the most unforgettable ways to arrive at your Napa Valley wine tour is in a hot air balloon.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about a hot air balloon ride as part of the Napa Valley wine tour. You may wonder what it would entail. This is how it usually works. You begin the day with fresh pastries and coffee or tea as you meet the others who will experience the hot air balloon ride with you. Then you are transported to the location where you will board your balloon in the early morning. While you wait for the flight to begin, watch the flight crew make final preparations and finish inflating the balloon. Once it rises, majestic, above the basket, and the flight crew is ready to go, you will enter the basket and the flight will begin.

Many passengers have commented that they are surprised at the quietness of a ride under a hot air balloon. Between bursts of the burner that keeps the air inside the balloon hot, there is only the stillness and quiet. Even though – or perhaps because – the balloon is moved by the movement of air, the air inside the basket is moving at the same rate, so the overall effect is amazing stillness, even though the balloon is moving.

From the balloon’s height, which varies between 1,000 and 3,000 feet, usually, you will be able to see the mountains surrounding the valley and vineyards below. You will see wildlife and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You will almost certainly want to plan to carry your camera with you, to capture the amazing view from the balloon’s basket.

The flight may include changes of direction, involving increasing or decreasing the altitude of the Hot Air Balloon to take advantage of the movement of a different layer of air. The pilot will make these decisions during the flight in order you get you to a safe landing location.

A gentle descent to the landing location completes the idyllic ride. You will then be transported to the champagne brunch location hosted by Balloons Above the Valley. Your brunch will be followed  by a delightful Napa Valley wine tour and wine-tasting.

When you put it all together, you end up with an experience like no other. From the time you arrive until you head back to your lodging, you will have sights to see, tastes to enjoy, and an amazing memory to store away of your Napa Valley wine tour.