Amazing Things to Do in San Francisco
You can find so many amazing things to do in San Francisco, California. The greatest thing about it is that it is just over a 90-minute drive to the famous wine region the Napa Valley. That means a day may not be enough for you to explore the beauty of San Francisco and Napa Valley as well as its tastes, sounds, and other pleasurable things that they offer.

Summertime and fall are when tourism in San Francisco and Napa Valley reaches its peak. There are tons of festivals and concerts that you may want to participate in while you’re there. As the city is a melting pot of cultures, you will find diversity in each festival and celebration held by communities of different ethnicities. You can participate the Nihonmachi Street Fair (August), AfroSolo Arts Festival (July through October), Oktoberfest, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (mid-July to early August), and so many more related events. Each one offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in arts and culture from different nationalities.

Food, food, and more food is usually the star of many San Francisco events especially every summer through fall seasons. You can ply your culinary and gustatory quests towards many food festivals such as the upcoming San Francisco Street Food Festival, the Zucchini Festival, the Oakley Almond Festival, Eat Real Fest, Noe Valley Wine Walk, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival and many others. Through these festivals you will enjoy wine tasting, witness fierce cook offs, enjoy the freshest and yummiest treats, and celebrate the seasonal produce.

Immerse yourself in arts, films, architecture, history, and culture that San Francisco calls its own. Cineastes, art and history buffs will have a field day going to festivals like the Jerry Day (August), San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival (August), Japan Film Festival (August), Sausalito Arts Festival (early September), San Francisco Opera Opening Gala (September 11), and others. San Francisco can well be considered the arts and cultural hub in California.

Transport yourself from the busier San Francisco downtown to more peaceful and dreamier Napa Valley, where you can witness natural beauty all around. You may explore the Napa Valley by visiting the wineries. However, you can also hit the trails along the vineyards by car or biking, hiking and camping out.

Looking for something out of the ordinary during your San Francisco and Napa Valley tours? Try riding on a hot air balloon! Balloons Above the Valley (BATV) will make your San Francisco vacation utterly memorable. We will help you show the allure, the charm, and the natural wonders of the Napa Valley not from the ground, but several thousand feet above it!

The gentle, crisp, and cool morning air is amenable to hot air ballooning, in every season. You will be able to see the neat rows of grapevines, trees, shrubs and grass as the hills change from various hues of green in the summer to warm colors of red, gold, yellow and orange in the autumn to brilliant yellows and emerald greens in winter and an explosion of brilliant natural colors of spring. The experience is eminently peaceful and you will really feel you’re one with Mother Nature.

Apart from the sunrise hot air balloon flights, BATV also provides other amenities such as pre-flight breakfast and coffee, post-flight brunch, wine tours, wine and olive oil tasting, picnic lunches, luxury transportation, and so much more. Our sunrise hot air balloon tour packages offer you luxury but at competitive prices. For more details of our sunrise hot air packages and more offers as well, call us at 800-464-6824.

Hot air balloon rides are definitely one of the many amazing and truly unforgettable things to do in San Francisco and in the Napa Valley!