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While the extended Thanksgiving weekend offers opportunities to celebrate and give thanks for all that life has brought, this is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Of course, the essence of Thanksgiving is a gathering of family to enjoy traditional Thanksgiving foods and find a way to relax and enjoy near the end of another very trying year.

Your celebration does not have to end as the final traces of the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie disappear. A weekend trip to Napa Valley can brighten the holiday even more and provide a chance to enjoy the fantastic weather and work off a few of the extra calories you might have consumed.

Don’t forget that some of Napa Valley’s restaurants and caterers are even offering Thanksgiving Dinner for those who plan ahead and have decided not to expend all the energy and fuss.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend in Napa Valley

Whether you begin your long-weekend adventure set out after your Thanksgiving feast, Napa Valley offers a variety of fun and memorable activities.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

The absolute best way to officially begin your Thanksgiving weekend in Napa Valley is while enjoying a world-famous Napa balloon ride, greeting the glorious morning while floating gently above the Vineyards, wineries, and communities. Awe-inspiring and safe, you will view many of the locations you expect to visit from an entirely different perspective. Make your reservations for your group Napa balloon ride with one of the premier companies, Balloons Above the Valley.

Once your hot air balloon lands softly at its designated spot, you can be transported to an optional Champagne Brunch at C Casa’s award-winning restaurant in Napa, arranged by Balloons Above the Valley.

  • Wine Tour

A trip to Napa Valley might be considered incomplete by most without a tour of some of the world-famous wineries and a winetasting session. Learn the science and mystery of grape growing and winemaking as your winery host or tour guide explains the “secrets” of the business.

  • Virtual Thanksgiving

Suppose your trip to Napa Valley is not necessarily convenient for all, even though you yearn for a change of scenery. You might consider a Virtual Thanksgiving.

Since we have become all-too-familiar with Zoom and FaceTime gatherings, arranging a Thanksgiving and “friends-giving” virtual rendezvous on Thanksgiving Day can be easy. A virtual Thanksgiving still allows everyone to share their holiday greetings, even while apart.

Make Your Balloons Above the Valley Thanksgiving Reservations Now!

AS you plan your Thanksgiving weekend getaway, make sure you schedule your Balloons Above the Valley Napa balloon ride well in advance. Experience the thrill of anticipation as your hot air balloon rises, slowly above the Valley, guided by some of the region’s most experienced balloon pilots. You will thrill at the panoramic vista of vineyards, the surrounding mountains and skies, and all the beautiful landscapes.

To learn more and reserve your space for yourself and loved ones on your Napa balloon ride, visit the Balloons Above the Valley website.

If you have further questions, phone the professionals at Balloons Above the Valley at +1-800-464-6824.